Installing Sabayon 3.26...anyone?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by heafnerj, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. heafnerj

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    I saw Sabayon running on a PeeCee at work and loved it. I've downloaded the iso image and Parallels (build 1970) can read it, but can't do the accelerated desktop, which I think is related to OpenGL. Installation bombs with an obscure error of some sort. Is anyone running Sabayon 3.26 under Parallels? BTW, I have a 17" 2.16GB MBP.
  2. fbronner

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    I ran it for a couple of weeks, but since 3D acceleration doesn't work under parallel, I exchanged it for openSuSE 10.2. By the way I do not imply that 3D acceleration works on openSuSE, but sabayon gave me other issues. Such as "emerge world" screwed up my KDE installation and since the only solution suggested at the time was a full recompile of qt3 and kde, I simply zapped my parallel file of my sabayon.

    I did however try sabayon on one of my older laptop (toshiba 5100), I could never did managed to get 3D acceleration because of issues between the latest nVidia drivers and the brain defective card on that laptop. Eventually I did manage to get get openSuSE 10.2 fully 3D accelerated on that laptop. Maybe I'll retry Sabayon on it.
  3. heafnerj

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    Thanks very much. I think 3D acceleration is planned for a future Parallels release.
  4. peterwor

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    I'm running 3.26 on my MBP under 3120. I too have really taken a liking to Sabayon's distro.
    The issue with 3D is a non issue for me, since there is no 3D acceleration under Parallels for any guest OS right now.
    Personally I like the Sabayon distro a lot. It is occasionally a little problematic with PW but after a litttle tinkering I usually get things adjusted to my liking.


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