Installing SentinelOne on a Mac with an M1 chip

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by PavelG5, May 24, 2023.

  1. PavelG5

    PavelG5 Bit poster

    Is it possible to run Windows apps that don't support ARM architecture in Parallels on an M1 Mac.
  2. Pramesh Boodadoo

    Pramesh Boodadoo Staff Member

    The Apple M1 chip has an ARM architecture (unlike the x86/x64 architecture typical of classic desktop processors). And in a virtual machine on a Mac with an M1 chip, it is currently possible to run only Window ARM -- the Windows version for processors with ARM architecture (for example, it is used on devices with mobile chips like Microsoft Surface Pro X). And indeed, despite the built-in compatibility layer that allows you to run x86/x64 applications on Windows ARM, some applications, or drivers do not work.
    In order to test the application, we recommend you to use the Parallels Desktop Free Trial using this link:
    Thank you.
  3. herrywongP


    I had issue installing it in M3 Max version, it seemed to be only available for Intel version, is there any new update for this? Can it be installed in the M3 Max version? if yes, how this is accomplished?

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