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Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by essjae, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. essjae


    I was unable to get the Parallels Tools installed in Debian 5.02 by following the instructions.
    I kept getting "bad interpreter: Permission denied" until I:
    1. copied the files and folders to the hard disk
    2. gave my root account read and write access to all the files
    3. used sh ./install instead of just ./install

    Then, I got an error that the required components weren't installed, most likley since the Debian CD wasn't mounted any longer since the Parallels Tools ISO was attached.

    I remounted my ISO and:
    1. apt-get install gcc
    2. apt-get install make
    3. uname -r
    4. apt-get install linux-headers-"results from uname -r"

    I then re-ran "sh ./install" and the installer found another missing component and automatically installed it since the Debian ISO was available.
  2. John Public

    John Public

    Just wanted to say, this just worked for me with Parallels Server 3 / Mac and Debian 5. Only thing to add is that I copied the parallel tools iso contents to a local directory, chmod -R 777 /localdir and then did the "sh .install"...I did not need to download anything else...Also, you can combine steps 3 and 4 like so:

    apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r`

    hope this helps someone else!
  3. Jerry

    Jerry Bit Poster

    Here's an easy fix:
    - mount the parallels update disc
    - open up 'root terminal'
    - drag the 'install' file from the parallels disc into the 'root terminal' window
    - press 'enter'
    - this will run & install the tools with all the right permissions
  4. SakibS

    SakibS Kilo Poster

    Until you install all dependencies the parallel tool not gonna install.
    So install all dependencies then "sh ./install" then may be work.

    Thanks text-smiley.png

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