Installing Windows 7 Pro then Windows 10 Student Update on Parallels 13 Home Edition

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by ChristopherS7, Sep 9, 2017.

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    To whom it may concern,
    I was speaking with a tech support on social media and they haven't responded to a screenshot and question I gave information regarding the original intent of my wanting to use Parallels (12 Student Version), but Parallels allowed me to update to 13 Home Edition.

    I have some questions regarding the intention of my use for Parallels 13, and what the student version comes with.
    My original intent of using Parallels 13 was to install Autodesk Revit 2018 on my Windows 7 Professional disk I received when I was a student back in 2009--2010 and received a copy of the W7P disk with a product key as a student. Here I am 7 years later again as a student, and I want to use that disk again, but I thought it would be best to update to the Windows 10 Student update that my school provided for the program I am in.

    I come from the Art Institute of Seattle, in Game Design & Animation, and I have a bachelor degree in those areas. With that said we used high-end modeling software both 2D and 3D applications on both Windows and Mac.

    I am now in a class the requires I use Autodesk Revit 2018, but is only available on Windows, and not on Mac. It has been a challenge to get here on the forums sooner because I need to have this software installed and get my homework done for this class asap, (like Tuesday of next week). I had tried to post to the forums before but I couldn't for technical problems, but I'm here now.

    Here is my dilemma:
    I noticed on the forums it says on this link: which looks like this if one is on Facebook:
    Down on Step 5, it says this:
    So I clicked on KB 123878 link which goes to this image:
    Intent for Parallels 13.png
    So the Parallels support person told me:
    Which I didn't understand, but I figured it out which is this image:
    To be able to change the settings.png
    So we had this conversation back and forth in this image:
    Support hasn't responded back. (Maybe they didn't like my "Are you sure you guys know what you're doing?" comment?)
    Anyhow, I wasn't trying to be mean I was just not sure support understood my question or I don't know what is going on as I am speaking with them via Twitter and Facebook, so one doesn't really get full attention.

    I just want to know 2 things:

    Can I install Windows 7 Pro then Windows 10 upgrade student edition on the P13 Home Edition, to use Autodesk Revit 2018, and get the same results as if I could as if I had a pro version of Parallels 13? (Not that I could afford it anyhow..but just wondering.)

    Any helpful information would be of great value.

    Christopher Stapleton
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    Hi @ChristopherS7 , the virtual machine is currently in suspended state, please start the virtual machine and the try shutting it down by Actions > Shut down.

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