Installing Windows 98 SE

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by gemillam, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. J Brito

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    Can anybody tell me baby steps how to install the crap windows 98, I need it for my stupid work and I can get to work??? I have a Legal copy of windows 98 and 95. I am a Mac user for a long long long time and I don't understand fdisk floppy dos. All I wanted is to install by press buttons, Like a Mac. Sorry if I being asking to much
  2. reelstuff

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    I have been unable to install win98 in any method listed in this thread I have tried them all,

    I am a paid, user and I do not understand, why I cannot get this to work, we all know win 98 is an old old, os, but I need to recover, come old QIC files, and win 98 is my only option, Now, I just updated to version 5 with the understanding that it would work, but so far it has not worked.

    It seems a little crazy that I spend this kind of money and the software does not work, for something as simple as this.
  3. davert

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    Apparently they dropped Parallels Tools support for Win98 which means -- no more drivers for network, video, etc. Makes it kind of useless.

    VirtualBox also has no drivers.

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