intel mac airport update conflicting with xp pro vm access?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by daveyc, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. daveyc

    daveyc Bit poster

    i was reading earlier today about a few folks who just installed the update for airport (drivers) from apple and were subsequently unable to connect xp installations running in parallels on these same intel macs...

    is this a rumor? anybody here testing it already? i'm a bit paranoid about installing it now, at least for a few days, until i can confirm this allegation or ideally disprove it..

    parallels folks, any thoughts on this?
  2. fbronner

    fbronner Pro

    I don't seem to have a problem wih the new airport driver and my XP running in Parallel...And i have run my XP session for about 5 hours with the new drivers
  3. MikeNorthrup

    MikeNorthrup Bit poster

    I updated this morning and have not been able to connect since then.
  4. MikeNorthrup

    MikeNorthrup Bit poster

    Just a quick follow-up. I reinstalled the most current Parallels Beta upgrade and then restarted my computer. My network connection in Windows XP Home is now working fine.
  5. MrMacHead

    MrMacHead Member

    I updated Airport last night and have no problems using build 3120 and XP.
  6. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    I'm running 3120 RC1 on a MacBook Pro. Just now installed the Airport and Quicktime patches and it's working fine.
  7. Stevamundo

    Stevamundo Pro

    In fact, I think after I installed the Airport update late this afternoon, my Parallels Internet is faster.

    BTW, I'm running build 3120.
  8. Junyor

    Junyor Junior Member

    I ran into this problem after installing the Airport update. According to the Network section in System Preferences, the Parallels adapters were connected but didn't have IP addresses. Renewing the DHCP leases didn't help. I re-ran the installer for the build of Parallels I have installed (3106) and it gave me the option to Upgrade. After upgrading, the Parallels adapters are functioning correctly.
  9. drval

    drval Pro

    As others have reported here, I see no problems after performing the update, if anything it seems that internet access is quicker.
  10. Moondougie

    Moondougie Member

    Since installing the Airport for Intel update this morning on my MacBook Pro, I've not been able to logon to the domain at the place I work (in Parallels, running XP)

    I can't download the 3120 build - when I try, it tells me "Safari cant open the page Desktop 3120 Mac en.dmg because it cant find the server" or something similar in Firefox, MSIE and Mozilla - none of them can find the download server

    any ideas on how to fix this?
  11. EricG

    EricG Bit poster

    Before the update, I had my XP install set to Shared, but it stopped working. Changing it to Bridged solved the problem.
  12. Junior Member

    I did have the problem of Networking not working. So I edited the Parallels WinXP guest and removed networking. Then I added Networking again, booted the guest, and everything worked fine. See if that helps.

  13. Moondougie

    Moondougie Member

    I'm trying that now - in the meantime, I'm not able to download the 3120 RC1 beta from the website - all 4 browsers I've tried give me a server not found error.

    Is anyone able to give me hints/tips on how to get that build so I can install/update and see if that fixes it

    I just removed and then readded networking and still can't connect to my work's Windows domain...

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