Internal build 1908 for Mac Pro and iMac Core 2 Duo - Mac RAM is unlimited

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. dnanian

    dnanian Member

    Alas, I'm having this problem well before any Parallels Tools are involved: I can't even get the CD to boot XP or Vista, and now I can't start any VMs at all.

    I'm glad it's working for you, though!
  2. dnanian

    dnanian Member

    OK. Recognize that there are two problems here: first, that after install I wasn't able to start any VMs without a pretty-soon-after-start crash. (This generated various logs which I posted to this thread, above.)

    The second issue -- now the dominant one -- is that I can't get any VM to start, regardless of VT-x setting, memory limit, or anything else, without causing my cursor to stop moving and requiring a hard power off shutdown.
  3. dnanian

    dnanian Member

    Done, Max. BugNumber is [Parallels #38565].
  4. tacit_one

    tacit_one Pro

    Thank you dnanian,

    Yes, I understand that. First issue is known and a fix is already awailable internally.
    But we're really interested in understanding of the second problem (Hang on startup - our testing labs do not reproduce this one).

    What are your memory settings (VM mem - Overall mem - Host mem) ?
    Maybe it just goes to "hard swap" as the result of too large memory allocation ?

    [edit] I will follow up you with your BugID - no need to trash this post

  5. dnanian

    dnanian Member

    OK, Max -- to answer: I have 4GB of memory, originally didn't limit the Parallels memory at all, and allocated 512MB to the host (though I tried many different values, since another user indicated other settings worked for him).

    I'm certain it's not hard swapping, because I can see there's no significant disk access.
  6. mlh78750

    mlh78750 Bit poster

    Turns out that after I reinstalled Cisco's VPN client the iMac would go into a reboot/crash cycle over and over. Had to go in safe mode and removed the cisco vpn client. Note, that the cisco vpn client worked before I installed parallels.

    iMac 24" Core 2 Duo with 1G of ram. The vpn client is version from cisco systems.
  7. tacit_one

    tacit_one Pro

    Hello mlh78750,

    this problem was already investigated once,
    you can try to install this client even without Parallels - it will crash.
    it seems to be a kinda problem in Cisco's VPN.

  8. David Watson

    David Watson Junior Member

    Works great!

    Installed 1908, removed my nvram boot-args, rebooted, slept my machine, and started Parallels - everything's great. Even got VT-X working this time.

    It's nice to be able to use all 5GB RAM. My coworkers are all jealous. :)
  9. controller

    controller Member

    Finally - works for me!

    I have a Mac Pro 2.66 with 4GB of RAM. The 1st build I was ever able to get running was the 1896.2?) build, and I just tried this new 1908 build.

    I reverted back to all my original RAM using the last build, rebooted, installed this new 1908 build, rebooted, and launched Parallels. I confirmed that all my 4GB was available. I set Parallels to use 1500, as my VM is only using 700.

    I slept the machine, woke it back up, and launched my VM.

    The VM is still running fine as I type this in Safari... I ran MS money and IE in the VM, and I also read and wrote to a USB Flash Key. I tested networking as well, with no issues.

    I will leave the VM running for a while and test it further to see if I can get it to act funny or Kernel Panic.

    But so far, so good. Parallels, I think you may have fixed the PAE problem! I am delighted by this as with my x1900 ATI card and 23" Apple Cinema Display, I -can't- run Boot Camp.
  10. patrickmast

    patrickmast Member

    I got this panic:
    Description: Panic (system crashes) log
    Size: 10.71 KB
    Last Modified: 22/09/06 18:51
    Location: /Library/Logs/panic.log
    Recent Contents: ...
    0x25a23948 : 0x1a407f (0x3cf788 0x0 0xe 0x3cefb8)
    0x25a23a58 : 0x19ae94 (0x25a23a70 0x0 0x3 0x7029)
    0x25a23b58 : 0x3d5dabfe (0x3ff3000 0x4e2fc 0x0 0x0)
    0x25a23b78 : 0x3d5dac5c (0x3ff3000 0x4e2fc 0x780 0x3ff3000)
    0x25a23bb8 : 0x3d5d51c2 (0x3ff3000 0x41f0000 0x2f9ff080 0x1b7d080)
    0x25a23c48 : 0x3d5c4594 (0x41f0000 0x50bce00 0x25a23c78 0x6)
    0x25a23cf8 : 0x3aeeed (0x41f0000 0x1 0x25a23d2c 0x25a23d28)
    0x25a23d38 : 0x3b23a9 (0x41f0000 0x1 0x3f471b0 0x1)
    0x25a23d68 : 0x189f03 (0x41f0000 0x1 0x3f471b0 0x4d359c0)
    0x25a23db8 : 0x12b498 (0x4d3598c 0x4e006a0 0x25a23df8 0x11e03b)
    0x25a23df8 : 0x124af1 (0x4d35900 0x3f134f8 0x4b4c064 0x0)
    0x25a23f08 : 0x195b6b (0x25a23f44 0x0 0x0 0x0)
    0x25a23fc8 : 0x19b30e (0x4a57060 0x0 0x19e0b5 0x4a4cdcc) No mapping exists for frame pointer
    Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xbffee888
    Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):
  11. controller

    controller Member

    I haven't been able to get it to KP, but after I installed VM Tools I couldn't relaunch the VM without a crash. I didn't get anywhere... it was an instant crash as soon as I hit the "play" button. (Not a KP, just a Parallels crash that prompted me to send an email to Parallels).

    I quit and re-ran Parallels and all was fine again.

    It is still running ok. This is coming from a person who could - never- get Parallels to work.. on two different Mac Pros with 4GB.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2006
  12. andre

    andre Bit poster

    Crash during Windows XP installation

    Latest beta build:
    Mac Pro
    1.5Gb allocated to Windows XP
    Crash log:
    ----------------- Activation Data ----------------
    Status: Valid
    User Name: Andre Simha
    Company Name:
    Product ID: 6-2147483686-4
    Validity period: Not limited
    Product Name: Parallels® Desktop for Mac
    Product Version: Build 1908 Release Candidate 2 (21 septembre 2006)
    -------------- End of Activation Data ------------
    --------------- Host PC information ------------
    ---Primary OS version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 8.7.2: Tue Jul 25 23:09:54 PDT 2006; root:xnu-792.10.96.obj~3/RELEASE_I386---End of Primary OS version
    ---Processor(s) info:
    Number of CPU: 4
    ---End of Processor(s) info
    ---Memory info:
    User memory: 1682911232
    ---End of Memory info
    Home directory: /Users/asimha
    Session: local
    Memory size: 5120
    ----------- End of Host PC information ---------
    ------------ Guest system configuration ------------
    Current configuration (dead0b0f):
    OS type: Windows XP (135)
    Boot: c
    Memory: 1500 Mb
    Memory block size: 2^10
    Overall memory limit: 4392
    Monitor base: 0xec000000
    Memory working set : current=0x1400, maximum=0x5dc00
    Monitor host speed: 2659
    Timer resolution: 1
    Refresh rate: 30
    Use opt cmos: 1
    Time schema: 1
    Timer adjusting schema: 0
    Time period scale: 10000
    Minamal timer tsc ticks: 500000
    Halt tsc ticks ignore: 1
    Portion slow timer: 4
    Portion plan timer: 1
    Acceleration level: 2
    Smart application acceleration: 1
    Smart kernel acceleration: enable=1, state=777
    Smart kernel mode #2: 1
    Fast stub parameter: 0xffffffff
    Fast system call: 0
    Fast system call #2: 1
    Multi frame parameter: 4
    Hack parameter: 4
    Bit D remap: 1
    Ignore interrupts parameter: 0
    Minimal async time: 0
    Enable write-back disk cache: 1
    Strong checks: 0
    Full LDT map: 1
    VM was resumed: 0
    PC speaker: 1
    Screen resolution: 640x400x4 (stretch: 1x1)
    Vesa mode: 0x0
    FDD0: type=12, insert=0, path=/Library/Parallels/Tools/vmtools.fdd
    IDE0: HDD, type=1DE, cyl=24381, head=16, spt=63, path=/Users/asimha/Library/Parallels/winxp.1/winxp.1.hdd
    IDE1: CD-ROM, type=CD, insert=1 path=SONY DVD RW DW-D150A
    Network: type=RTL8029(AS), mem=0, port=0x300, irq=3 mac=0010c3870748
    Sound: 1
    PCI: devices=0x7
    -------- End of guest system configuration ---------
    ------------------- Print buffer -------------------
    [Time elapsed from VM start : 1.716 second(s)]
    [Time elapsed from VM start : 1.716 second(s)]
    [Time elapsed from VM start : 1.716 second(s)]
    [Time elapsed from VM start : 1.716 second(s)]
    [Time elapsed from VM start : 1.716 second(s)]
    [Time elapsed from VM start : 1.716 second(s)]



    <Stack start=0x62918000 size=0x17c5000 esp=0x657c5e68>
    :629205d2(0085d2) :629b6b80(09eb80) :00000006 :00000000 :6294ea12(036a12) :62918000(000000)
    :64058a00(1740a00) :00000000 :00000000 :640d9920(17c1920) :657c5e9c :629af0ac(0970ac)
    :629b942c(0a142c) :657c5ec8 :00000000 :657c5f28 :6292d559(015559) :657c5eb4
    :dead00e1 :637bfea4(ea7ea4) :00000000 :0000ff38 :0000ff38 :64058a00(1740a00)
    :00000000 :657c5f28 :657c5ee4 :00000000 :22d30000 :00000000
    :64058a00(1740a00) :00000000 :00000006 :40000000 :00000000 :00000000
    :6294ea12(036a12) :0000ff30 :00010046 :8003fc00 :00000000 :80559320
    :00000001 :8003fc00 :22d30000 :00000000 :64058a00(1740a00) :657c5f18
    :657c5f44 :6294f59f(03759f) :8003fc00 :00000000 :80559320 :657c5f90
    :657c5f90 :657c5f90 :8003fc00 :806b3844 :80559320 :806b3844
    :80559320 :000006b2 :00000001 :65ac7000 :00123d07 :00000000
    :00120008 :000806b2 :00000000 :806b2fe1 :8003f430 :00000000
    :8001003b :8055086c :8055086c :6292d5a5(0155a5) :0000ff8b :00000030
    :00000023 :00000023 :8003fc00 :806b3844 :8055086c :657c5fc8
    :80559320 :00000001 :5a5a5a5a :8001003d :00000000 :00000001
    :40000000 :00000000 :00000000 :806b2fe3 :0000ff63 :00000282
    :8055086c :0000ffc3 :00000000 :00000000 :00000000 :00000000

    <Internal variables>
    Current monitor base=0xec000000
    Primary OS paging mode=2
    </Internal variables>

    <Relocation info>
    > Current monitor base = 0xec000000
    > Total relocations count = 0
    > Monitor bases history
    </Relocation info>
    ---------------- End of print buffer ---------------
    -------------- Guest processor state ---------------
    Inhibit Mask=0

    CS=0008 [0000FFFF 00CF9B00] V=1
    SS=0010 [0000FFFF 00CF9300] V=1
    DS=0023 [0000FFFF 00CFF300] V=1
    ES=0023 [0000FFFF 00CFF300] V=1
    FS=0030 [F0000001 FFC093DF] V=1
    GS=0000 [0000FFFF 00009300] V=1

    EAX=8001003D EBX=80559320 ECX=5A5A5A5A EDX=00000001
    ESI=806B3844 EDI=8003FC00 EBP=8055086C ESP=8055086C
    EIP=806B2FE3 EFLAGS=00000082

    LDTR=0000 [00000000 00000000] V=0
    TR=0028 [200020AB 80008B04] V=1


    0008.806B2FE3 58 pop eax

    0010.8055086C 0000 5A5A 08BC 8055 9D90 806A FC00 8003 3844 806B
    ----------- End of guest processor state -----------
  13. controller

    controller Member

    NOTE: I didn't have to sleep/restart with the new Mac Pro EFI firmware. I rebooted and launched Parallels and it just worked.

    Still having no problems, and I stressed the machine a lot. Good work so far, though KPs need to be addressed this is definitely progress in a major way for me.
  14. MartyMcr

    MartyMcr Hunter

    Build 1908

    Runs fine on an iMac 20'" 1.5GB machine. Runs Vista RC1 well too.
  15. spullara

    spullara Member

    Mac Pro just hangs

    Right after the BIOS post screen the system hangs and nothing else happens until I use the power button to reboot it. This was a fresh install of 1908. I have the new firmware installed from Apple. There is very little else on the system. The image is from a MacBook Pro.

  16. brettev

    brettev Bit poster

    xp x64 or vista64 with >1500 mb ram?

    Any chance of an RC that will let more than 1500 mb be allocated to the vm? I have 8 GB and would like over 4 GB(6 or 7) to be allocated to a windows vm.
  17. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Member

    Mac Pro 2.66 Ghz, 3 GB RAM. No problems so far.

    Uninstalled Parallels, set nvram args to "", rebooted Mac, installed Parallels, booted existing Win XP SP2 VM (got the VT-X message), immediately installed Parallels tools. So far so good after several test VM reboots and Parallels restarts. (VT-X came on after a sleep and VM restart.)
  18. genesteinberg

    genesteinberg Bit poster


    I know I'm missing something, folks but I cannot find that link to your internal build, so I can try it on one of my Intel-based Macs.

    Can someone point me to it?

  19. artpease

    artpease Bit poster

    Click on the word "here" at the end of first sentence, second paragraph of Tim Surgent's original message!!!!
  20. genesteinberg

    genesteinberg Bit poster


    Thanks. I couldn't see the link when I first checked.

    So far, so good.


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