Internal build 1908 for Mac Pro and iMac Core 2 Duo - Mac RAM is unlimited

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by STim, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. controller

    controller Member

    Let me add that Vista RC1 installed and works fine as well on my Mac Pro 2.66 w/4GB of RAM with this build (full ram enabled on Mac, 1500 on Parallels) with some caveats:

    1) I occasionally get a VM crash that asks me to email Parallels when I start the Vista VM

    2) A few times before I had the chance to install VM Tools, my Networking on my -Mac- stopped working. I had to reboot a couple of times to get it back. Console shows it being deactivated in the boot process, but seemingly before any Parallels driver even loads.

    I didn't have this problem running XP so it must have been some kind of fluke. All is well now.

    Vista support seems a bit wonky compared to XP support... and I can't figure out what disabled my Mac networking to cause me to reboot, but all is well again.
  2. patrickmast

    patrickmast Member


    I got this Painic:

    (Mac Pro 3GHZ, 2GB Ram, 2x512GB in mirrored Raid)

    Description: Panic (system crashes) log
    Size: 12.54 KB
    Last Modified: 23/09/06 07:08
    Location: /Library/Logs/panic.log
    Recent Contents: ...
    0x24dfb998 : 0x1a407f (0x3cf788 0x0 0xe 0x3cefb8)
    0x24dfbaa8 : 0x19ae94 (0x24dfbab8 0x8 0xe 0x48)
    0x24dfbb58 : 0x3c3c0bfe (0x3f5f000 0x1 0x0 0x0)
    0x24dfbb78 : 0x3c3c0c5c (0x3f5f000 0x1 0x780 0x3f5f000)
    0x24dfbbb8 : 0x3c3bb1c2 (0x3f5f000 0x4113000 0x2ed78080 0x1b7d080)
    0x24dfbc48 : 0x3c3aa594 (0x4113000 0x50aa600 0x1 0x6)
    0x24dfbcf8 : 0x3aeeed (0x4113000 0x1 0x24dfbd2c 0x24dfbd28)
    0x24dfbd38 : 0x3b23a9 (0x4113000 0x1 0x3eae4c0 0x1)
    0x24dfbd68 : 0x189f03 (0x4113000 0x1 0x3eae4c0 0x4cda5c0)
    0x24dfbdb8 : 0x12b498 (0x4cda58c 0x4ff8ea0 0x24dfbdf8 0x11e03b)
    0x24dfbdf8 : 0x124af1 (0x4cda500 0x3e7a5a8 0x4acd000 0x0)
    0x24dfbf08 : 0x195b6b (0x24dfbf44 0x0 0x0 0x0)
    0x24dfbfc8 : 0x19b30e (0x3ebfd5c 0x0 0x19e0b5 0x4e87df8) No mapping exists for frame pointer
    Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xbffee888
    Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):

    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 8.7.3: Wed Aug 16 18:54:06 PDT 2006; root:xnu-792.11.5.obj~1/RELEASE_I386


    Patrick Mast,
  3. sydbarrett74

    sydbarrett74 Member

    I upgraded to 1908 and am not experiencing any of the problems others are having. I simply disabled VT-x in the VM's properties. I'm on a Mac Pro 2.66GHz x 4 with 4GB RAM.
  4. controller

    controller Member

    I didn't even have to disable VT-x and it all works well enough. Great in XP, so-so in Vista.
  5. SiskoKid

    SiskoKid Member

    Something I noticed.

    Let me re-explain my issue first: Parallels locks up my system, and I have to force reboot. This has happened since the first Mac Pro beta, and it happens even now with the newest 1908 version.

    Now, what I've noticed is that when I uninstall Parallels I'll use spotlight to find all remaining files that Parallels left behind, and I'll delete them, but I think there's a corrupt file or something that's left behind. I can't find it when I search for visible or invisible files with using the word Parallels, but I think SOMETHING is left behind because when I install the newer version of Parallels, it lists ALL of the old VMs I installed previously that DO NOT exist on my computer anymore. When I select them, it tells me it can't find it, but how would the new version know these existed at all if something wasn't left behind on my computer?

    Just something I noticed. Maybe one of the older betas left behind a corrupt file that needs to be taken off of the system and is causing some of us these lock ups?
  6. SteveLgBch

    SteveLgBch Bit poster

    I'd love to give 1908 a whirl. As it is now, with only 2G, my workflow isn't working. I really need more memory. Where do I find it. Thanks.
  7. philwells

    philwells Bit poster

    FWIW, 1908 Works OK On My iMac-17-2GHz

    I was beginning to think I was nuts. Didnt see anything in your KB about why the VM would give me a "black screen" and I couldnt access any drives. Now, it seems OK.

    Any idea if VIsta Betas will work w/ 1908?
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2006
  8. tacit_one

    tacit_one Pro

    Definitely will - all Vista's including RC1 seem to work with Parallels Desktop.
    But i'd recommend you to use 1910 build - there were some useful fixes there.

  9. jan2001

    jan2001 Bit poster


    I use the 1908 version on a Mac Pro/2,66/5GB. Win XP and Vista RC1 work fine, as long I assign only 512 MB Ram to them. Since I have plenty of Ram, I would like to give them more, but this results in a crash on both, Win XP and Vista RC1.
    Does the 1910 version rectify this problem? If yes, where can I get it - I probably did not see a link in the previous messages.

  10. don montalvo

    don montalvo Hunter

  11. jan2001

    jan2001 Bit poster

    Hallo don montalvo,

    thanks very much.

  12. philwells

    philwells Bit poster

    OK, it installed fine. I also updated to Parallels bld 1910 as recommended. Vista seems sluggish (am on an iMac-17-2GHz w/ 1GB RAM) after the first reboot. I noticed that in System CPL it says 32-bit OS. Is that right? I'm using your defaults: 512MB 16GB HDD.

    Also, Vista cant find drivers for the network card. I installed the Parallels disk image and I pointed Device Manager to the directory it created in C: but I get

    realtek RTL8029 PCI ethrnet NIC - there is no driver selected for the device information set or element.

    I also have another yellow question mark called Other PCI Bridge Device. Vista says it could not find driver software for the device even though pointed it to C:\Program Files\Parallels and told it to check subfolders.

    Que pasa?
  13. philwells

    philwells Bit poster

    FYI, I came back to the machine later and Vista was in screen saver mode and was unresponsive. I tried to pause the VM and the progess bar never moved. Had to Force Quit.

    I think it may have still been 1908 though I'm sure I installed 1910 after 1908. Regardless, I installed 1910 and now Vista Beta2 seems just fine. Am really looking fwd to getting the same Parallels Tools as I have for XP so I can move the mouse between windows w/out CTL-ALT.

    Am preparing to DL Vista RC1. Can I use the 64-bit version or only 32-bit?

    I'm sure that Vista is not a priority right now but wanted to let you know what I'm finding. If it's not helpful, just let me know.
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  14. LGgeek

    LGgeek Bit poster

    build 1908 works for me. 4gig,3ghx quad xeon, winxp

    I installed build 1908 with no problems. Then installed winxp then SP2 and some apps( office,project, streets&trips) all work fine and all my memory is there. This was my first attempt at parallels (was waiting for mem fix) using trial version. I'm impressed off to buy it. hopefully purchased version will not require reinstall, maybe just new activation key ?

    Great stuff folks, your good :)

  15. LGgeek

    LGgeek Bit poster

    correction will not be buying, not available yet.

    Well I stand corrected , went off to buy it but see that 1908 hasn't been released yet(only 3.5 mem limit GA) hopefully comes out before my 15 days runs out. :D
  16. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey Hunter

    Philwells, don't know if this is your issue, but even installing vista straight (not under parallels), people have noticed really sluggish behavior until it's done indexing your hard drive. I've read from a few people it takes up to several hours.
  17. philwells

    philwells Bit poster

    All's well now in this regard now, Scott, with 1910. I'm waiting for my Vista RC1 disk to show up before I play with it any more. Can I use the 64-bit build with my iMac Core Duo?

    Is there a newer Parallels RC I should play with?

    On the XP side, am having some minor probs that perhaps you or another kind soul could help with:

    As I understand it, my virtual HDD is Expandable. I confirmed that the settings say that. I've got over 100GB of free space on the physical drive but, if I copy a large folder onto the C: drive of the VM I'm told I'm out of space and Explorer does say there's only 200MB left. How do I make it expand? I really dont want to have to wipe it all and start over.

    Also, as I understand it, I only get 2 USB devices at a time in the VM. If I have keyboard, mouse and printer, which two win?

    Overall I'm damned impressed with how snappy XP is on my Mac and I've had no crashes or lockups so far.

    Thanks in advance.

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