Internet connectivity issue since upgrade to PD 18.x in my Windows 11 VM

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by CyrilleM2, Sep 7, 2022.

  1. Pramesh Boodadoo

    Pramesh Boodadoo Staff Member

    As a possible work-around, kindly follow the below steps:
    1. Disable network conditioning temporarily.
    2. Follow the steps in this article as a work-around:
    If the issue still persists, kindly collect a fresh report at the moment of reproduction and send the report's 9-digit ID in reply to this post.
  2. GaurangJ

    GaurangJ Bit Poster

    Shutting down Windows 11 Pro (Version 22H2, OS Build 22621.1635) VM on Parallels Version 18.2.0 (53488), then selection "Hardware" and enabling "Windows Conditioner" and then restarting the VM seems to work.

    When I was young, performing an OS Upgrade used to solve problems and make things better. Now, we seem to have MORE problems after an upgrade. Unbelievable.
  3. MikeL6

    MikeL6 Bit Poster

    I can't even get a Win 11 ARM VM to run in bridged mode on a MacBook Air M1. Completely unreliable. I use this for Windows testing but I've had enough. Ditching Parallels once licences expire in favour of a Windows laptop.

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