Introducing the new Parallels RAS User Portal: a more intuitive experience for end users

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    Starting with version 19.3, Parallels RAS offers a brand-new User Portal interface. This new version brings a modern look and feel to the portal you already know and love, along with other enhanced capabilities. It uses modern web technologies to provide a more intuitive user interface while still allowing organizations to add custom branding.

    Users accessing the User Portal will be presented with the new interface immediately after Parallels RAS is updated to 19.3.
  2. MichaelD52

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    Is there any way to go back to old portal? Every user I've talked to prefers the more simple older portal. We recently upgraded to 19.3 and the new portal has caused a bunch of problems for us.
    • The Parallels Client doesn't detect in the same way anymore, I like the new way personally, but it generated a lot of support tickets and people not knowing why their app launched in a browser tab now.
    • Apps now launch with a SINGLE click, rather requiring a DOUBLE click like they used to. This is our biggest issue currently. We came from Citrix where apps were single click to launch. Then we trained everyone to double click when we went to Parallels RAS, now they are double clicking and launching 2 sessions and breaking their sessions (due to profile disk) under some circumstances. I think double click is safer because most people don't understand that things in web pages require a single click usually, helps prevent unwanted launches of desktops/applications.
    • No one likes the app drawer and the largely unused space of the site. I just don't understand why there should even be an app drawer, why would you NOT want to see the apps you have available to you? If you close the app drawer, it literally shows you nothing else. Maybe take the Citrix approach where you favorite things from the App drawer and they appear at the top of the page and are always visible even when the app drawer is closed?

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