Introducing the Parallels Installation Assistant & Shared Networking!

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    Today we're releasing a new build of Desktop for Mac that has two great new feartures - the Installation Assistant, and Shared Networking. More information on both features is below:

    The Installation Assistant makes it easier to install Windows on a Mac than on a PC!

    Here's how it works:
    1. Click the "Install OS" button on the main configuration screen and select "Express Windows Installation".
    2. Select which version of Windows - XP or Vista - you'd like to install.
    3. Enter your personal information and Windows Product Key and click "Finish".
    That's it! The Installation Assistant will complete the entire installation process for you - you won't have to select any configurations, answer and questions, or make decisions about partitions or options. Just sit back, relax, and wait for the Assistant to finish.

    The Installation Assistant also automatically installs Parallels Tools, a useful set of add-ons that enable file sharing, cutting/pasting/copyings between OSes, syncs your mouse and system clock, and improves networking, video and sound performance.


    The new "Shared Networking" mode helps you get your virtual machine online, regardless of what type of internet connection you're using. It works by hiding your virtual machine IP addresses behind your Mac's IP, meaning that even connections like DSL or Cable modems that only allow 1 IP to register will work with virtual machines.

    In short, it means that if your Mac is connected to the internet, so is your virtual machine. No manual configuration required.


    If you're a customer, your copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac will auto-update. If you have auto-update disabled, or if you're new to Parallels and want to try our free 15-day trial, you can download it here.


    If you're already a user, remember to manually change your networking option to Shared Networking, and be sure to reinstall Parallels Tools!

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