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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by enaran, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. enaran

    enaran Guest

    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if there is an iPad Client app in the works?
    It seems that there are a few RDP clients out there that work just fine but i'm guessing a 2X Client on the iPad would be awesome.

  2. jurgencachia

    jurgencachia Guest


    yes,2x ipad client is still being considered but no official release date has been set yet.

  3. lpfajim

    lpfajim Guest

    Thank you for working on an iPad Client. We started using 2x last December and love it. A 2x iPad Client would really help us and I am sure it would help most of your other users as well.
  4. kzealand

    kzealand Guest

    I too would very much appreciate a 2x app for the iPad. Please develop one.
  5. cgrtech

    cgrtech Guest

    As I am typing this reply from an iPad, I would really like a 2x client app. This would give me a low cost vdi solution that I could implement for my company. I have been testing a demo, and the 2x products show great promise. An iPad client app would make pretty much clinch it for me. Thanks.
  6. kalel76

    kalel76 Guest

    i would hope that 2x would iron out the bugs in the web portal or the Java client before rolling out an Ipad client.
  7. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    Any word on an IPAD client?
    This is a very needed client option.
    Customers see the citrix app and then ask...How about 2x?
  8. jurgencachia

    jurgencachia Guest

  9. New guy 35

    New guy 35 Guest

    Any updated news on the 2x client for the iPad? Possible release date? I need the 2x client for my medical practice scheduling software to work on my iPad so I'm hoping it comes sooner than later. Thank for any info.
  10. awhitehead

    awhitehead Guest

    I work with a medical practice looking at implementing software that uses 2x.
    I think using a Ipad would be the best device for doctors. Any news on a timeline for
    a 2x client for Ipads. :p
  11. trinity5910

    trinity5910 Guest

    We are a 500+ company looking to implement 2X across our company. It all hinges on the iPad client since most of the associates will be issued them if this is succesful
  12. zippo


    the iPhone and iPad client will be available in the next 2 months
  13. remccool

    remccool Guest

    With all due respect, I was told that it would be "60 to 90 days" back in April and I told end users that timeframe based on that phone call. Is this 2 months realistic or just another target date?
  14. DVTSVito

    DVTSVito Guest

    Is this time frame for the "release" of a stable version or a beta?
    Can a feature list be published?
  15. Darthwomble

    Darthwomble Guest

    Can this timeframe be confirmed - & will there be a beta fro signed up users to test??
  16. New guy 35

    New guy 35 Guest

    So I checking in to see if there was any new info. regarding the 2X Client for the iPad. Forgive my multiple posts but this will make a big difference for our clinic once it is available. Any more concrete time frame? Is it still on target?
  17. trinity5910

    trinity5910 Guest

    So here I am, promising my company tha we would be able to use the iPad for 2X, we have built a farm of 5 servers so far to get off of Citrix. Your sales person TOLD me 15 days and now nothing. I look like a monkey humping a football and you guys keep saying 2 months. Is there anyone with any accountability or credibility to actually answer this question?
  18. New guy 35

    New guy 35 Guest

    Well I have been polite in these posts as I was hoping for an answer but right now let me say this SUCKS bigtime. We were told several times that the 2X for iPad would be available "very soon", actually told by October/November 2010. Now after a call it seems like the representative isn't even sure if it will be ready. She mentioned hopefully by some time mid NEXT YEAR. Holy shit, are you kidding me??? I'm not upset about it not being ready now but because I was told several times it would be ready "very soon" and "possibly by October/November 2010"

    I'm really hoping the representative just doesn't know the situation. PLEASE will someone at your company verify this and/or give us some REALISTIC time frame please?
  19. jurgencachia

    jurgencachia Guest


    2X client should be availbile on itunes in around 14days as it is still waiting for itunes approval.

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