iPadAir4thGen Display Aspect Ratio

Discussion in 'Parallels Access' started by KenichiN1, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. KenichiN1

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    I had been testing several options to use the LTE iPad as remote Mac OS client.
    I decided to go for Parallels package (at least for a year) after all.
    Since it works well with my touch keyboard folio from Logitech, I feel it's almost there to call it the best on market.
    As an app, I understand how "command" shortcuts has bit of limitations from iPad OS... and I can accept that as a trade off.
    But adjusting the display resolutions with toolbox, I feel it should be fair enough to say not having an option to get the right ratio for modern tablets (without digging into terminal) is bit of a lame.
    All the emulated OS's runs on the base display size, I wonder why any other users haven't suggested the feature yet.
    Please consider the update for all the iPad Pro/Air4th users sake.

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