iPod classic not showing up

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mark Reddick, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Mark Reddick

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    I'm running PD 3.0 build 5160 on a Mac Pro with 2 x 3GHz duel-core Xeons with 12GB RAM.

    I'm having a problem with my new iPod classic. When I try to attach it to a Windows XP SP2 guest, it doesn't connect. I get some notifications form windows saying it found a new device but the iPod never becomes available. All my other iPods (5G iPod video, iPod nano, iPod shuffle and even a new iPod touch) all connect fine. But, the iPod classic does not. It is definitely formatted for Windows and I've tried doing a restore on the iPod but that didn't make a difference. If I connect this iPod to a separate Windows laptop, it works fine there.

    Any reports on such problems? I couldn't find any posts regarding this when I searched.

    Anyone else have an iPod classic? If so, could you let me know if it connects ok in your guest VM?

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