Is 8GB RAM on MBA M1 2020 sufficient for Win11 Arm VM on Parallels ?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Ami1, Jan 27, 2023.

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    Is 8GB RAM on MBA M1 2020 sufficient for Win11 Arm VM on Parallels?

    I intend to use parallels to run win11 arm and connect to office domain. Nothing too taxing just lot of word excel PowerPoint and edge/chrome. Maybe Lotus Notes if it installs and runs.

    The difference between 8GB & 16GB MBA M1 is like $300 here ($900 vs $1200 after various discounts. That's like 33% of entire MBA-M1-8GB price!) so i don't want to get 16GB needlessly unless 8GB is gonna be a problem for running 1 VM all the time.
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    We advise you to purchase a 16GB MBA M1.
    The reason is that Parallels Desktop will allocate half of the memory on a virtual machine.
    If you purchase a 8GB MBA, Parallels Desktop will allocate 4GB on the virtual machine and the remainng 4GB will be allocated on the MBA.
    4GB of Ram is usually not sufficient to run Windows 11 with Word,Excel,PowerPoint and edge/chrome.
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