Is anyone running 3186 Final sucessfully?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Horizontal, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. sdavissm

    sdavissm Junior Member

    not working for me

    My Windows XP Pro VM keeps freezing up under 3186. I had similar problems with 3170, that seemed to revolve around installing Parallels Tools. I had a hard time getting them installed, but after I did my freeze went away. I tried all the things I did on 3170 and I still cannot get 3186 to install Tools. I don't get a warning about needing to install new Tools though. I'm going to try re-installing 3170, un-install Tools from the VM and then try 3186 again. I'm glad I kept backups!

    UPDATE: That didn't work. Rolling back to 3170.....
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  2. johnaskins

    johnaskins Bit poster

    Somebody is; not me

    The cursor freezes the Windows screen and the program can't be used. Control-Alt frees the pointer but only for use outside the Windows window. Reinstalling Parallel Tools doesn't help. I was using the previous build, 3170, with no problems. I got rid of 3186 and reinstalled 3170. Same problem. Also, I notice there's no announcement of the new build like there was with 3170. I'm wondering if these two facts are connected, although I'm not sure how. I guess I'll wait till something newer is announced. I wonder how Crossover is doing? Its version 6.0 works fine except that every now and then the app I like to use closes unexpectedly. But at least it works most of the time.
  3. Horizontal

    Horizontal Member

    Simple answer: Bootcamp is more reliable for me :)
  4. drscience

    drscience Member

    No problems here on Mac Pro with complex XP SP2 install. I haven't tried Coherence because it makes me incoherent. Now up for 12 hours. CPU usage at rest is a little higher than before (around 28%) but not alarming. Memory usage stable around 500 MB (I assigned 1.2 GB total).
  5. PubGuy

    PubGuy Hunter

    No Problems MBPro, 1G, XP Pro

    I've been upgrading through all the betas. Now running 3186. No Problems at all.

    My upgrade sequence was:
    1) Shut down all VM's my selecting Start --> Shutdown.
    2) Quit Parallels
    3) Installed 3186.
    5) Loaded Parallels and started VM
    6) System automatically recognized need for Tools update and initiated update process.
    7) After completion, selected Restart to load the new Tools in the VM
    8) All is well :D
  6. aclaver

    aclaver Member

    3186 Running fine for me also

    No problems with 3186. I updated RC3 with no problems - the upgrader worked perfectly as usual. My VMs (Windows XP, Windows Vista Beta 5744, Ubuntu 7.04, Fedora 5) all started up normally, Parallel tools updater ran on the Windows VMs and installed the latest version with no issues.

    All networking worked perfectly, all my USB devices are working (including the very pesky Logitech IO2 Pen).

    I also installed Kaspersky Internet tools to try this out (and removed Symantec AV and Microsoft Defender) to see if this speed up/slowed down the VM. So far no change.

    I'd like to see more info on this product, however.

    Now Parallels can work on VM Snapshots, a VERY important feature that's missing...
  7. Horizontal

    Horizontal Member

    Okay, so I deleted the original install of Parallels and just installed 3186 (which I was able to download from the direct download from this site). So far all seems to have gone well.

    I did notice two things were supposed to be installed when XP started up in Parallels (using it from Bootcamp) but they could not be installed as no drivers were found, I can't recall what they were. If anyone knows of this your advice would be appreciated.
  8. Joop Vos

    Joop Vos Bit poster

    Here problems too! Following FAQ ... 3186 over 1970 (licensed!). Start up and ... asking for 'activation key' ... mmmm, ok ... shit, error, not a correct key! What to do???
  9. wesley

    wesley Pro

    No problems here. Upgraded from 3170 to 3186, WinXP SP2.
  10. gareth_moore

    gareth_moore Bit poster

    When I try to use coherence mode after installing ZoneLabs Security suite, I always get a fatal error immediately. So I started again and I've had no major problems.

    I've only got one slight issue. When I use coherence mode and auto hide the windows taskbar, after closing an application, the taskbar reappears. This is more of an inconvenience then a problem, but it would be nice if that was fixed.

    I am running Windows XP Professional on a fresh install of 3186.
  11. mmischke

    mmischke Hunter

    No problems so far

    I upgraded to the 3186 build from an existing current stable (not beta/RC) release yesterday morning and have been quite pleased with the feature set and the stability. I've had no issues w/Coherence. I haven't looked at USB 2.0 functionality yet. I used it all day without incident (I'm a .Net dev running XP Pro under Parallels on my Mac mini). My dog even yanked the power cord on the mini and everything came back up just fine.

    1.66 GHz Mac mini, 2 GB RAM, 7200 RPM hard drive, XP image on external Firewire drive.

    Great job, Parallels!
  12. jp20r

    jp20r Junior Member

    3186 fine w/ W2K

    perfect 1 full day use , fast download from VersionTracker, installed + Tools smoothly, replaced Build 1970 , seems faster than 1970.
    working devlpmts on VB6 and Visual 2005. no problems so far
    havent tried yet Coherence.

    Looking for VB6 /VS2005 developpers .......

    Cherchons développeurs VB6/VS2005 .....

    MBP, CD 2.16Ghz, 2GB SDRAM, OSX 10.4.8, 612 memory
  13. skaratso

    skaratso Junior Member

    No problems here either. Works like a charm.
  14. JimTomlinson

    JimTomlinson Bit poster

    Works great except for suspend

    MacBook Pro Core Duo running 10.4.8; upgraded from RC2 build 3150. Have it configured to suspend Windows XP on Cmd-Q. Resuming always results in a reboot of XP. Learning to live with it by shutting down Windows before exiting, but a step back from 3150 for me.
  15. crunchy2

    crunchy2 Bit poster

    Regarding "giving 1 GB of ram to Windows XP". Probably not a good idea. See what Parallels is recommending as the maximum to give to Windows (it tells you in the Memory preferences for the VM), and use that. If you use more than that the performance can definitely be much worse because then it brings your Mac to its knees due to using up all available RAM and resulting in massive swapping. So to the person who gave 1 GB to XP and saw horrendous performance, knock that amount way down. Again, use the maximum recommended amount (or less). For me on my MacBook with 2GB of RAM it recommends no more than 412 MB, and that's what I have mine set to. I get good performance both on my Mac and in Windows.
  16. vontech

    vontech Bit poster

    I've been running 3186 since yesterday morning. Brand new Macbook Core 2 Duo 2 gig memory 120 gig hd, Windows Ultimate, Coherence mode. Runs great EXCEPT:

    - Blackberry Desktop 4.2.1 will connect but not transfer data over USB
    - Music and video still STUTTER, as before

    All in all, surprisingly good.

    I gather that Boot Camp is NOT supported with Vista yet, i.e, Parallels partition cannot be standalone Boot Camp partition yet, as with XP? Or do I misunderstand?

  17. tlxreed

    tlxreed Bit poster

    no go

    I've been using Parallels since June with little or no problems except for the occasional upgrade glitch.

    I tried installing the latest betas but didn't get it to work. My initial problem was that my expectation was that the new Parallels would 'see' the existing XP install with no prompting. I don't know if it's a bug or by design, but I didn't find anything in the documentation that said I had to create a new virtual machine and point it at the old hard drive image.

    So, after several unsuccessful beta setups, with the latest release I went ahead and tried the new system setup then chose the old image and got a boot from XP.

    I chose 1 gig of RAM for XP but that was a mistake. Using only 512 was much faster even though I have 2 GB onboard.

    My XP system is booting but when I go to install Parallels tools XP bluescreens every time. When I'm at the login screen, the Caps Lock button is reversed...if I have the caps off, XP pops ups a window saying the caps are on.

    I haven't tried Coherence or any other tricks. I do want to use USB 2.0 in XP so hopefully I'll get this to work somehow. At the moment though, it looks like the installation is hosed and I'll have to revert back to the previous version.
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  18. rjbailey

    rjbailey Member

    Never had a problem with the BC partition in Parallels. Being able to use the same XP installation in EITHER Boot Camp or Parallels is a huge benefit. For me, it works as advertised.
  19. JMB8877

    JMB8877 Bit poster

    Works fine here on a MBP 2.16 Core Due with 2GB RAM. Using XP SP2 on a BootCamp partition. No problems whatsoever. Didn't really have any problems with any of the beta or RC versions either.

    @Paul Waggett who wrote:
    "Tried to download the latest 'release' but it's obviously only available to Americans."

    I'm in the UK and it downloaded, installed and runs fine.
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  20. vontech

    vontech Bit poster

    Anybody else having problems playing videos in Windows Media Player? Audio and video on all I play are STACCATO -- stuttering....

    Is there a sound setting that I have missed?


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