Is anyone running 3186 Final sucessfully?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Horizontal, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. leejsci

    leejsci Member

    Great Job!

    I must say... This instruction was great!!!!
    just upgrade to 3186...:)

    MBP 2.16 1Gm, XP pro SP2...
  2. maria HOLDERNESS

    maria HOLDERNESS Bit poster

    no prolems on 2000

    Running all day on problems at all
  3. 4strings

    4strings Junior Member

    Works great so far...

    I just installed 3186 on my MacBook with XP SP2. Works great so far... now in Coherence view. :)

  4. scotleag

    scotleag Bit poster

    Install the drivers BEFORE starting Windows? Doesn't seem possible to do that. I've installed (twice now) AFTER starting Windows and while everything seems to go okay during installation ( says iSight drivers are installed, new hardware recognised etc) after restarting there's nothing there. iSight has even disappeared from usb devices in Parallels (it wasn't working before but its existence was recognised).

    I've gone from a non-working webcam to no webcam at all even though the drivers were installed properly and the cam was recognised by XP.

    Ran software update, ditched Boot Camp app and secured empty trash but the iSight camera simply vanished - and I mean vanished. Neither iChat nor Photo Booth recognise it and its not showing in the System Profiler either. Yet the Hardware test is showing no problems. This is serious and has to be related to the driver installation as it was working fine before that.
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  5. scotleag

    scotleag Bit poster

    This is a misunderstanding. I did exactly the same as you. I closed 1970 down before installing from the download.
  6. rjgebis

    rjgebis Hunter

    Running with out a problem here. Looks like memory usage dropped? Any one noticed this?
    I mean after fresh start (with the expect same configurations that I have in RC3) Parallels seems to take lass memory on Mac OS
  7. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    too much memory

    500 to 750 mb better

    Hugh W
  8. Joop Vos

    Joop Vos Bit poster

    After two days work there is smoke coming out of my ears but at last it's working here too! Maybe it's good to let you know what I've learned ... hopefully!

    - Always, always make a backup (clone) before updating software.
    - Always, always 'check for updates' from Parallels itself!
  9. lithe951

    lithe951 Member

    So far so good. I followed PubGuy's directions and here at home it works perfectly, and coherence is very cool. First time I've had a chance to try it. The acid test will be Monday when I connect to my cinema display and see how it works across them. Good job guys!
  10. zenweb

    zenweb Junior Member

    No problems here. Coherence crashes but it has since 3120. I'm running a Boot Camp VM of XP Pro. I won't be upgrading to that OS X wannabe -- Vista either. I'm selling my upgrade on eBay.
  11. sjdaman

    sjdaman Bit poster

    3186 with Vista and Coherence - 90% ok

    All is good here on my MacBook Pro.

    3186 solved a major headache for me - Vista now suspends / sleeps without crashing. Thanks Parallels!!!

    Now if I can just find the documentation that tells me how to pipe my Vista Parallels video out of my Mac, I will be completely satified.
  12. iduff

    iduff Product Expert

    I've been running build 3186 since about 3pm the day it was released. I have a 2.16GHz MacBook Pro with 2GB and 100GB, running Vista Ultimate and Fedora Core 6. No problems. Pretty cool, in fact.

    Be _Real Nice_ if Parallels Tools was available for Linux, and I can't wait for Parallels to release 64 bit and the fancy Dan 3D Vista graphics, perhaps in 3.0, maybe Real Soon Now?
  13. scotymac

    scotymac Junior Member

    Been running XP under 3186 with no problems for a week.
    Unfortunatley when I ran the Vista upgrade can not access the .psf file (yes installed the parallel tools and under configuration enabled local & added the folder.) My vista profile is administrator, parallels shared folder icon is on the desktop, opening it shows no files available. Tried mapping it and installed bonjour. Used explorer to see if it could find the mac IP address.
    Anything further I should be trying
  14. paddler

    paddler Bit poster

    Parallels beachball issue - UPDATE

    Update: Took some of the advice in this forum and I tried lowering the memory allocated to parallels and that didn't have any noticeable effect. I played around a bit and noticed the problem went away when I killed Parallels Tools. That disabled some handy functions so I tried a custom install of the tools trying to find just what was killing it.

    Turns out that if I leave out the network component of the Tools install that seemed to fix it. I notice no difference at all on network performances so I am going to keep it like this and see if the problem re-appears.

    Any downside to not running the network component of Parallels tools?
  15. dada

    dada Bit poster

    I've been running 3186 for a couple of days with only one major problem - Kaspersky Internet Security doesn't install. Other than that it's pretty smooth, though when it starts XP in full screen mode it temporarily changes my iMac's screen resolution.

    No partition, just Parallels. 10.4.8 and Win XP Pro SP2.
  16. cstraughn

    cstraughn Member

    Multiple OSs = USB and memory problems...

    3186 has been great so far and overall Parallels is great, but I am having problems when I run multiple OSs at the same time. It seems that my USB devices won't associate with any OS when running multiple Parallels. I run XP SP2 and Vista Business on my Mac Pro/8 gigs ram. Even if I disable USB on my Vista install I can't get any USB device to work on my XP system (or vice-versa). If I limit myself to just one OS everything is fine. No bootcamp stuff here, all Parallels .hdd files. Also, it seems that if one OS is set to 1500 MB of RAM, I can't set the other OS to more than 1000 MB of RAM and if I reboot that OS it makes me back it down to 512 or so (otherwise it won't allocate the RAM). Finally, the .mem file is great for fast suspending but I had a 1.7 GB thin XP OS that I ran completely in a RAMDisk and WOW it was SO fast, but now with the .mem file I can't fit everything into a 2.1 GB RAMDisk (OS X's max size). It would be great if I could disable fast suspend and the .mem to thin down the disk size requirements. Other than these concerns, 3186 is very strong to me.
  17. sdavissm

    sdavissm Junior Member

    I finally got it to work

    No matter what I did I could not get Parallels Tools to install under 3186, the system would just freeze. What finally worked was mounting the .iso file in OSX then running the install. Here's how I did it:

    In OSX: I went to /Library/Parallels/Tools and double clicked on vmtools.iso

    I then had a new disk mounted. I copied those files into a folder on my desktop via drag and drop.

    I then went into my XP VM and navigated through my shared folders to the folder on my desktop of OSX. I then ran PrlTools.exe. The install ran, rebooted and everything works. Coherence and all. YEAH!
  18. sidssp

    sidssp Hunter

    I have been running it for a week now on an 20" iMac, core duo, 2G. So far, what was working in 3170 still works. That includes Win XP with Boot Camp, Fedora 6, ubuntu 6.1, openSUSE 10.2, Openfiler 2.2, and Trixbox 2.0.

    I also don't know what is new in 3186 because what was not working still not working. I still can't start XP VM if there is an external drive with Windows partition attached, and I still can't use my Espon Photo R800 as a native USB printer.
  19. dacloo

    dacloo Bit poster

    Parallels is unstable on my computer.
    Crashes 4 times a day.
    What a terrible release. I am now runnin 1970 again (no problems)
    but it lacks the functionality of newer releases.

    Support SUCKS. Really sucks. They never respond to e-mails.

    Back to Boot Camp whenever I get the possibility.
  20. drval

    drval Pro


    Actually FWIW your posting sucks. How about some details as to what your system is, what you're trying to do. A whole lot of us having been using 3186 with no problems whatsoever. Without any further details there's not really very much any way can offer to you in the way of suggestions.

    I found that sending emails to always got a direct and useful response.

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