Is Compressor doing anything?

Discussion in 'Parallels Compressor' started by spurpurajr, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. spurpurajr

    spurpurajr Bit poster

    Hi All,

    How can I tell if Compressor is actually working?

  2. galochka

    galochka Hunter

    Hello spurpurajr,

    Can you please clarify "How can I tell if Compressor is actually working?"

    You ran compessor and did not see any actions, did you?

    Your Virtual Machine shoudl be running when you run Parallels Compressor.
    YOu shoudl be able to see progress bar and after Paralells Compressor finished running your virtual hard disk should be smaller then before running Parallels Compressor.
  3. antoniom

    antoniom Bit poster

    I agree

    I have run parallels compressor 3 times and th VM hard disk size has just increased 2 gb!!!!!

    Had run Paralles Image Tool before and nothing

    How is it possible that it is so complicated to reduce the VM disk size???
  4. johnb

    johnb Member

    same problem. compressor INCREASES image size

    i tried running compressor, but it seemed i couldn't delete things from my hard disk fast enough to keep up with the rate compressor EXPANDED the image file. i started with 40GB and had to stop when compressor had expanded it to 45 during the defragmentation.

    i've tried running image tool to decrease the image, but it does nothing. it runs, and the file size remains the same. i know there should be extra space because i deleted over 2GB of files.

    any suggests to get this to work?

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