Is it ok to put my Mac to sleep with Parallels (XP) running?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by dangcookie, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. dangcookie


    Will putting my Macbook to sleep (i.e., closing my laptop) adversely affect the guest OS (in my case, Windows XP)? It would seem to me that any OS would want to be informed of a pending sleep mode before being put to sleep. Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. dkp


    If Windows is in the middle of an auto-update or other self maintenance activity that will fail. It may fail with dire consequences. I've disabled all that that I can.
  3. dangcookie


    So... generally, what do people do when they close their laptop lid? It would be a huge pain in the arse to have to (pause... a bear just walked through my back yard -- cool!) shut down Windows or pause it every time I want to pick shut the lid, but if that's what people generally do, please let me know.

  4. dkp


    Welcome to the world of (portable) virtual machines. I've disabled every possible service and auto-running process so that I won't interrupt Windows in the middle of something important when I toss my MBP into the tour pak on my Harley. So far so good.

    One annoying thing I've not been able to prevent is Windows updates. I've done everything I can find to prevent them, but when I am in a hurry and try to shut down Windows it decides to start installing updates. The timing could not be worse as it is frequently at a time when battery power is low and I am in a hurry to shut down the Mac to prevent data loss. Most of the time I just dislike Windows but sometimes I hate it. This is one of those times.

    As for what people do - I think many just close the lid and don't think about it. In some cases though the machine does not go to sleep and it will overheat in that situation. Particularly if it has been put inside a travel case.
  5. macosnerd


    I generally leave my VM up and running and put the mac to sleep with no problems. I of course make sure that nothing is actively being processed in the vm but other then that there seems to be little risk.
  6. Parabola


    Sure, you could probably adjust XPs Power Options Properties (search XP Help & Support for Power Options) for Power Schemes, etc., but why not save the hassle and use Parallels' Pause VM function? Sure, it takes a moment to unpause the VM, and date/time and networking will have a hiccup, but at least you're not interrupting any covert processes--thus, hampering your Guest OS--only for you to blame poor Parallels support.
  7. John Howard

    John Howard

    I had three large stags traipse through my back yard earlier this afternoon - and I live in the heart of very populous Fairfax County VA. These critters were larger than most horses!
  8. bigbellyfoo


    Mac Book won't come out of sleep mode with active VM


    I have experienced a problem with my Mac Book (running XP guest OS) that I attribute to Parallels. With the VM running, I'd step away from my computer long enough for it to go to sleep. After coming back, I'd touch the keyboard, move the mouse to wake the computer. I could hear the hard drive spin but the screen would not turn on. It was completely dead. I could still hear the system running under the keyboard. To get any response, I would have to power down the Mac Book completely (hold down power button). The MAc reboot would take longer than normal as well.

    This occurred several times. In frustration, I uninstalled Parallels. I used the Mac Book for a couple days, no problems. I then reinstalled Parallels and a fresh install of XP. That same hour, the "freeze" came back - dead screen. This went on to happen several more times (as I have my inactivity setting pretty low).

    After my 6th or 7th install of Parallels and Windows, things seem to be working better now. Its been a good for 4 days so far.

    I'll report back if anything changes.

    Belly out.
  9. geofcorb


    I have been experiencing the same with an alarming frequency, especially since having upgraded to Build 4560. I tend to pause my VM (Vista), close Parallels, and then put my MBP to sleep. Looks like it goes to sleep as expected and then, when I open the lid to try to awaken it, nada... and it is still powered on. All I can do (unless someone has a good recommendation) is hold down the power button and force it to shutdown and restart.
  10. cvelezv


    What I do is to pause the Vista VM, DO NOT close parallels and then put the macbook pro to sleep, using this procedure, the whole system wakes ok the next day and I can resume the VM
  11. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster


    Just a thought.

    Are any of you with the wake up problem using Intego VirusBarrier?

    I was having exactly the same problem but since disabling VirusBarrier Background Scan it has never reoccurred.

    Just my 2 cents.

  12. David5000


    I am using Intego VirusBarrier and have Background Scan active but haven't had the problem in question.


    MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz, 3 GB RAM
    OS X 10.4.10
    Parallels 2.5.3214
    XP Pro SP 2
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  13. AngryAnt


    Since I got parallels (when 3.0 came out) I have just been closing the lid with parallels running coherence mode in the background and not given it a second thought. I have yet to experience any problems with that.

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