Is there no way to change video memory on Parallels Workstation?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration in Windows and Linux' started by jeff8888, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. jeff8888



    I am using parallels workstation on ubunu w/ xp as a guest. I'm running a large resolution (3 monitors worth), and the default 8MB video memory is just not enough. It's leaving my dual-core CPU gasping. Is there any way to change from 8MB on Parallels WORKSTATION?

    I know there is on the mac version, which I also use, but is there any way to do this on the linux workstation product?


  2. mdlueck


    If Mac v3x has it, then likely you'll have to wait it out for v4 to release which rumor has it is the next version for Lin/Mac/Win... hopefully that will migrate back over to the Lin/Win platforms.

    BTW: Have you tried manually installing the guest OS driver from the Mac on your Linux guest OS? Definitely not supported, but still might work! ;-) Do they have the video driver broken out of the installer same as in the vmtools.iso that ships with the Linux version? Worth a shot I guess...

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