iSight webcam doesn't get recognized by Parallels

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by marco538, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. marco538



    I'm using a MacBook Pro (alu body march 2009) and when I want to start a video call using Microsoft Live Messenger (lateste BETA version), my built-in iSight doesn't get recognized by Parallels desktop for Mac.

    The iSight camera (internal) works well because I've tested this.

    When I take a look into Live Messenger and look for the settings voor audio and video, I see that the iSight camera is not recognized because it is impossible to select it. Now there is no other choice than to select 'standard - no webcam'.

    What do I do wrong??.. because I'm quite sure that Parallels desktop for Mac supports my iSight camera.

    Many thanks in advance for your quick answer.

    Kind regards,
  2. desgael


  3. marco538



    I've tried to install the driver for my built-in iSight camera, but I'm not sure whether the installation on Parallels Desktop went okay, because it still doesn't work!

    In my 'preferences' pane from Parallels VM under USB controller I can see that the controller is enabled and that the connected devices are: Apple Built-in iSight. However Skype can't find a webcam, so apparently there is something wrong.

    When I take a closer look to Parallels Desktop (using Windows XP) I can see in the right corner below that at the 'devices' the following information:
    - device: USB controller
    - mode : Connected to active virtual machine
    - status: connected

    As I'm a real Mac-user I don't know what there is wrong with these settings.

    Could you please be so kind to guide me step-by-step what to do and how to change my settings in order to make use of my Apple built-in iSight camera.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Marco Reinhoudt
  4. rickerev


    works on mine...but I have a problem with audio

    Hi, when I go on windows live messenger, I go up into USB - isight - and WLM recognizes my isight built in webcam. What I do have a problem with is my audio. I will begin a video or audio call, and I cannot maintain audio contact. It will start out transmitting my audio, but then I lose it, and I have to reset the settings.

    Any idea what that could be from?
  5. Rick4


    Parallels 5, 10.6.1, and iSight Camera

    I purchased and installed Parallels 5 Desktop for Mac, Windows 7 Premium Home, and am running it on a 15" MBP from June 09. I have been running Snow Leopard since it can out with 'no problems.'

    I did this so my son-in-law could video chat with his Mom on her birthday using Windows Messenger. We exchanged audio but only one way VIDEO. We could see his mother, but the iSight camera was dead. When I tried to manually bind the iSight camera to the Parallels VM, I got a message 'no iSight driver could be found'.

    Reading here, I am lead to believe that the driver for boot camp under Leopard will work with Windows 7, but it is unclear if the driver found on the 10.5 install disc will work with Snow Leopard and Windows 7. Has anyone tried it? Is there a work around?
  6. Alexander Haltman

    Alexander Haltman Parallels Developers

    Hi, Rick.

    To use iShight from your guest os you need to connect it to virtual machine. You can do it throw Parallels Desktop's menu "Devices -> Usb".

    After you have connected usb device to virtual machine, guest os will try to find drivers for it.
    If guest can't find drivers by itself or you can't provide this drivers for guest os, this usb device
    will be unusable inside virtual machine.

    Apple have promissed official support for W7 before the end of the year:

    But if drivers from your BootCamp disk work inside Windows Vista or Windows 7 on
    real BootCamp partition, it must work inside virtual machine with Windows Vista or
    Windows 7.
  7. RebecaF

    RebecaF Bit Poster

    Worked like a charm

    MSN now "sees" the iSight camera.

    Went to Parallels menu bar, clicked on Devices, then CD/DVD 1, then Default CD/DVD

    I navigated to the folder by right-clicking and selecting open, up to the point I could see the executable file: AppleiSightInstaller.exe

    Double clicked the file and followed the instructions on the screen to install it.


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