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  1. rshawkin

    rshawkin Bit poster

    I have been running Windows using Bootcamp with no problem. I have just set up Parallel Desktop to run the Bootcamp Windows and everything appears to work ok except the iSight. If I go to Camera and Scanners I can see iSight and if I click on it then it appears to work but the picture area is blank. It does work ok when booting up normally into Windows.
    Any advice?
  2. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    That is scheduled to be available in version 3.0 according to the rumor channels. It does not work in any beta or release candidate.
  3. nycruza

    nycruza Hunter

    So what you are telling everybody is that you installed a BETA software not knowing anything about it, or it capabilities or its limitations. :mad:

    That you downloaded and installed this software without reading the release notes. :(

    That you acted in a foolish and immature nature and NOW you want help.

    The sad fact is there are too many - just like you!
    Like a spoiled child that is accustomed to having everything given to them without earning anything - you expect an answer!
    But I like the good teacher, must make the child WORK for that answer!

    So, read the realease nortes!

  4. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    isnt that a *little* hostile ?
  5. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    Maybe, but it's frustrating that this forum is cluttered with posts from people who don't first try to help themselves.

    There are a lot of forums, lists, newsgroups, etc. where volunteers provide technical help and almost universally, the people who answer the questions require that people who want help read the available documentation, and search past answers before posting questions, and mercilessly flame people who don't. It's the way of the net, and frankly, I find the clueless posts really annoying.

    I'm happy to help those who appear to be trying to help themselves and just can't find what they need, but those who expect me (a volunteer) to simply save them the trouble of looking something up are going to get a short, pointed, and possibly hostile (to some) response because they are just cluttering up the forum and wasting my time (from my POV). And absent instructions to the contrary from the forum owner, I (and several other knowledgeable folks here) will continue expressing my opinion of those too lazy to try to help themselves.

    As in the law, lack of knowledge of the "rules" is not an excuse. If you want to drive a car on the public roads, you need to know the rules and follow them, and that takes some training. If you want to use a help forum to get help, you need to know the rules and follow them.

    Read this for help asking questions. I didn't write it, but sort of wish I had.
  6. darkone

    darkone Forum Maven

    joem, I completely agree that its annoying that people dont read release notes or do forums searches, but if those of us who are here to help, start being hostile to people, users wont come here to report issues that may be real issues, In the long run, Parallels are the ones who suffer.

    Telling users to read the release notes is one thing, belittling and flaming is another..IMO thats how the post read.

    Maybe the Parallels team should consider appointing some moderators.
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  7. chucker

    chucker Junior Member

    Sure, but:

    Is fairly straightforward. It doesn't seem that much to ask for people to at least skim the release notes before starting a thread?
  8. syntrak

    syntrak Member

    Who the @#$% are you to start lecturing people !!

    Give it a rest and please dont write nonsense like that. Its pointless. Tosser.
  9. joem

    joem Forum Maven

    I guess he has the same right to an opinion that you do.

    The entitlement attitude shown by some people here frosts me too.
  10. rshawkin

    rshawkin Bit poster

    I apologise for offending people's sensitivities and shall be extremely careful in furture about asking questions on this forum
  11. GFBurke

    GFBurke Member

    If you kids are not here to help - please leave.
    You are annoying everybody els, not to mention showing your childish immaturity.
    This is not Myspace.
  12. dd55

    dd55 Member

    Come on you guys. Give it a rest. On a moderated forum this thread would have been removed long before now. OK, the OP was remiss in not looking for his answer first and yes, there are lots of people who don't get it that these releases are BETAs and that even the ones that are not BETAs are not capable of supporting every device on the planet. The Parallels developers are the first to admit that this app still has a ways to go. But the "high horse" should not be confused with the "higher path". Flaming the "offending" poster is not constructive nor is getting all weepy and crying about how offended you have been by an acerbic reply to your question. I myself am fairly new to this forum but I have read the entire thing "cover to cover" and did so before ever deciding to buy Parallels in the first place. Even so, there have been a couple of things that have tripped me up and the forum has been most helpful in getting straightened out. One of the things I always look for when venturing into new territory is how good the support forum is and I think that, for the most part, this is a very good one. But "GFBurke" is correct...The bickering is annoying and immature. And it's also useless to waste your time complaining about having to waste your time.....

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  13. pfloydn

    pfloydn Member

    It's fine to tell the gentleman who started the thread that the answer to his question is in the release notes - and that he should have read them. But he was called 'foolish and immature' - and that's what was just truely unacceptable in a forum that's designed to share information. Parallels lives only if enough users adopt it. There was no need - given the simple nature of the original question and the fact that he wasn't whining or complaining at all - to jump down his throat like that.
  14. errandwolfe

    errandwolfe Bit poster

    No External iSight

    Well I was very happy to see iSight support has been added to release 3150. Then my joy turned to sadness. This appears to only work with the new iMac and Macbook that have the built in iSight. Those of us with Mac Mini's and Mac Pro's are still out of luck with our firewire iSights. It seems unless you want to spend a WHOLE lotta money on a new Apple display with built in iSight you are out of luck. We can only hope that at some point Parallels will add the firewire support so we can use our cams.

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