Issue running VPN from within a Windows 11 guest OS on Apple silicone hardware

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    I'm hoping to get help configuring a VPN on a Win11 guest OS where the host is macOS (Monterey) running on an Apple silicon M1 machine. Specifically I have installed ProtonVPN within my Windows 11 Virtual Machine (VM). With the VPN off, I validated that I have internet access. I can connect to a website from my FireFox browser from the guest OS. When I turn on ProtonVPN, it indicates it successfully established a VPN connection. However, using the same browser, I am now unable to access any sites. Then turning the VPN off, the browser can once again get to the Internet.

    With further debugging I pulled up the Win11 network connection and see that when the VPN is disconnect, traffic is routed through a Parallels virtual network adapter (Parallels VirtIO Ethernet Adapter). Inspecting that adapter shows it is connected to the Internet and that the IPv4 address and DNS connection were both established dynamically. However when I connect the VPN, a new virtual adapter appears, which is called ProtonVPN WireGuard Tunnel. Inspecting this new virtual adapter shows no Internet connection because the IPv4 address is missing and the DNS address is pointing to a bogus server. I tried to manually edit the network information but still couldn't get access to the Internet.

    Any help trying to get this VPN working is appreciated. In fact, if anyone has successfully connected a different VPN on their Win11 guest OS running on a M1 machine, I would appreciate that information. I just want to configure & run a legitimate VPN service from within my Parallels virtual machine.

    BTW, here my environment specs for my VM and Host machine.
    HOST MACHINE SPECS: Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro (v18.0.2) is installed on my MacBook Pro M1 (Apple Silicone). The Mac is running macOS Monterey v12.6.
    VIRTUAL MACHINE SPECS: Windows 11 guest OS (fully updated). It is setup with Parallel's "Isolate Windows from Mac" setting active. On the Win 11 VM, I downloaded & installed the latest version of ProtonVPN and Firefox browser.
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    I am having the same issue. Does anyone has a solution ?

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