Issue when accessing a Mac with 3x monitors

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by FredericG1, Dec 14, 2015.

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    Hello Parallels team,

    I'm experiencing an issue on the parallels client (same results with both iPad Pro and iPhone 6+) only when the Mac is with a total of 3x screens.
    I'm running latest 3.0.2 version on the Mac, and latest version from apple store on the idevices.
    The Mac is a Retina MacBook Pro on which 2x external monitors are connected (One Apple 27" and one Dell 24").
    So when those 3x monitors are active and I remote access from the idevice, there is a mismatch between where you tap, and actually where the mouse on the host is acting. There is an offset (both vertically and horizontally) regardless if the device is handled in landscape or in portrait mode.
    But when de-connecting one of the 2x external monitors (could be the apple or the dell) everything works fine and the mouse is behaving normally (no shift to the right and bottom).
    I have tried to change the monitors resolution so both external works with same resolution, but still same problem occurs.
    Can you have a look and fix, as this is very annoying...

    Thanks in advance,
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