Issue with Paralle 13 in coherence mode

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    Good Morning,
    I'm running several Windows apllications on Parallel since a long time. After upgrading to Parallel 13, working in coherence mode, I'm experimenting an issue related with the use of a specific a specific windows application. The application is used to downloads a Google aerial image from the web and to overlap it over a georeferrenced geophysical map. Actually, if I run the application in Coherence mode, the aerial image is placed in a wrong position, whilst the position is fine if I run the application out of coherence. It seems to me the problem is due to the screen resolution resizing Parallel performs entering the Coherence mode. As you may see from the picture I'm attaching, the aerial image I get in coherence mode is shifted by several meters towards the north-west direction.
    (BTW, I'm running windows 10)
    Thank you,

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    Hello @GlC Parallels Support Here! Some Windows-based programs are not adapted for such high pixel density (DPI) resolution of the Retina display: Windows virtual machine resolution becomes very high thus everything is too small; in-program fonts, UI buttons or images are not rendered properly. We would request you to refer to this article and check if it helps. Thanks, Shathish

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