Issues Connecting with Windows XP Pro and Home SP3 Machines

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    Over a period of several weeks, connection problems with the machines bored above have worsened until I can no longer log on either. The first sign that sometime was wrong was that as soon as I could see the desktop of the remote machine, it had already started the "new device found" process for some HID device associated with Access. Then the XP Home started to time-out on connection attempts and now the XP Pro machine is doing it too.

    I found that if I used RealVNC to connect to either of these machines immediately after a failed Access connrction attempt, the NDF process would still be running and the usual "this machine is being controlled by Parallels Access" message would appear, eventhough Access itself back on the iPad said it was not connected. If I waited a little longer (minute or two), there is no NDF process, just the Access is connected messagenwhen it's not. When I did get a Parallels Access connection to work, I started being very careful to terminate the connection orderly from within Access. this does help, though.

    Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

    I have RealVNC licenses for all of my machines but there are certain things I prefer to do with Parallels Access. Right now, it's RealVNC 11 of 11 and Parallels Access 2 of 4. Rapidly losing any motivation to mess with your product once the current licenses expire.
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