Issues with Tap-Windows Adaptor V9 Error

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  1. JasonS16

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    Hoping to get some help.
    I use a home automation system call Control4. It has a program that runs on Windows that allows me to do custom programing. I have used this for many many years on my Mac running windows.

    I just got my new MacBook Pro M1. I installed Parallels and Windows 10. I installed the Control4 program. In the program I can connect to my system in 2 ways. 1) If I'm home it is a local connection. This works as normal. 2) If I'm not home it allows me to remote connect. When I click to remote connect I'm getting some kind of "TAP-Windows Adaptor9 is missing" error. I'm assuming it has to do with how the program achieves a remote connection.

    I have not idea how to get this fixed? Again I've done this for years with no problem.

    I've attached a screen shot below.

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  2. JoelH8


    Have you figured out a fix to this? I'm having the same issue... I even installed Windows 11 hoping it would fix the problem.
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    I'm interested in the resolution here too. I'm a Control4 Integrator, and can confirm that the issue exists on the Pro side as well. I just invested in a new MBP M1, sadly the time it took to arrive eclipsed the availability of Windows 10 via parallels. Many of my colleagues report that the TAP adaptor issue does not exist using the older version of parallels (featuring Windows 10). I'm stuck w/ having purchased parallels 17.1.1 that uses windows 11 and the TAP adaptor issue persists. I then bought NordVPN as I understood that VPN's would include their own TAP adaptor. Well, sadly they don't have an app yet that works with windows 11 or maybe more specifically, so far their Windows app is only built for x86 or x64 architecture. I guess its what we get being early adopters, any help is appreciated! For now, It's back to the 8 year old windows machine ;-)
  4. JasonS16

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    No resolution on my end so far. I ended up buying $150 Windows 10 machine that I can use for programming when needed. Stupid.

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