It does'nt on the browser!

Discussion in 'Accessing your Mac' started by remixjc, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. remixjc

    remixjc Bit poster

    Look at this picture,you may find it does'nt work on the Chrome brewser,it take a few days.
    i can't work by this way to connect my office PC,and can't connect my Mac.
    Only work by phone or pad ,but it's hard to work by this way. I need you rollback you website let us to connect by browser~
  2. PengH1

    PengH1 Bit poster

    same issue here
  3. Hi could you please provide us with the step-by-step instructions in order t reproduce the issue on our side.
    Also please collect the tech reports and post the reports' ID here.

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