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Do you use the option to launch VMs when your Mac starts?

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  1. GregO1

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    With the 19.3.0 update, there was a list of items being removed from a future mayor release of Parallels or Mac. One in particular that caught my eye because we use it for daily business operations is this:
    • The option to launch a virtual machine when your Mac starts (VM configuration > Options > Startup and Shutdown > Custom > Start Automatically > When Mac starts)
    you see, we need to have Mac's around for our DevOps operations at work and since the costs of using an EC2 would allow me to outright BUY a Mac mini every month. Because we underutilize individual machines and need some isolation, we use Parallels to offer up multiple macOS VMs on top of the physical ones.
    If this feature disappears, we'll need to start making sure that the physical machine gets logged in for all of this to work, whereas right now we can just boot the machine and everything just comes online.

    PLEASE reconsider this change.

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