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    Who can advise me about the apple app " iWeb" ?
    What's the problem ? I want to update my iMac to OSX Catalina. As is known, the 32-bit applications no longer work after this system update.
    However, I have the iWeb program and I have created an extensive website ( www.alkmaarsecuyperskerk.nl ). After the system update, iWeb no longer works.
    Now I read in a magazine the possibility to install Mojave alongside Catalina via the app "Parallels" instead of "windows" in order to continue using the 32-bit programs.
    I bought and installed the "Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac" program and tried to install the 32-bit programs within the Parallels / OSX Mojave combination. A few apps went well and they also work, but with iWeb I encounter a problem. The app does start and shows the design of the website, but a blank page is displayed for the relevant pages. When I print the relevant page, the content of the page is simply displayed. What is the solution for seeing the contents of the "blank" pages?

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    I have exactly the same problem. I also tried it with Parallels desktop with a VM in Mountain Lion, El Capitan and Mojave and it never worked in the Virtual Machine!
    But it works on real hardware like a MacMini late 2009! Also I cannot create a new website with iWeb 3.0.4 (last Update)
    Has somebody any hints how to get this working? After investing a lot of time I have no idea anymore (without that it is a graphics problem with the parallels graphics engine).
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  3. JimT7


    I have the same problem. Anyone have a work round?
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    Hi same problem here ! i ve got parallels 15 for Catalina with high sierra inside. iWeb show blank pages
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    HI, here is the ID : 333212129
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