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    I'm developing under Mac OS X Sweet Home 3D, a Java application that requires Java 3D.
    It runs fine with Java 3D 1.3.1 under Windows XP SP2 with Parallels Desktop, but it won't run with Java 1.5.1 and Java 6u2. In fact, any Java 3D 1.5.1 won't run. You can test this problem with Java 3D demos available at

    My computer is a MacBook Core Duo 2 GHz with Mac OS X 10.4.10 and I tested it with Parallels Desktop v1 and v3 beta.
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    Thank you for build 5540 ! It brings some clear progress about OpenGL/DirectX and I'll probably upgrade my Parellels Desktop license soon. :)
    Java 3D demos seem to work correctly.
    Sweet Home 3D works also but not completely.
    It accepts to create a first Java 3D pane within the application, but not a second one. I feel that Parallels Desktop video driver doesn't accept to create more than an OpenGL or DirectX pane per application (even if video memory is set at its maximum).

    It's simple to test, run it with Java Web Start with this link :
    or with its installer available at

    Choose a few times File > New or Furniture > Import furniture..., and it will crash.

    My computer is now a iMac Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz with Mac OS X 10.4.10.
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    Build 5580 shows some great progress on OpenGL/DirectX side. I'm really happy because now Sweet Home 3D works almost perfectly.
    Miserably, there's still a problem about offscreen Java 3D panes. This won't make Sweet Home 3D crash because I managed that problem gently, but it forbids the user to print the 3D view of this application.

    To test that problem, please run the Print Canvas 3D example of Java 3D at
    and chose File>Print or File>Snapshot menu. Then, this program crashes.

    BTW, I don't if it's a good hint, but Java 3D seems to consider that the version of your OpenGL implementation is 1.1 or 1.0, and not >= 1.2.

    Please, go on this good work. It's almost perfect !

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