Kali 2022.2 on M1.. then when it updates.. 2023.1

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by StevenS32, Mar 3, 2023.

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    OK newbie to the forum, not to linux, not to Mac. I installed Kali 2022.2 from the wizard. Then I ran apt update/upgrade as I would normally expect to do (to keep the vm secure and updates). Not version of Kali is on 2023.1. I would assume this means the version of Kali is no longer supported for Parallels M1? If so, could you please include on that handy KB article the info on how we are supposed to keep Kali at 2022.2? I can probably google this, but I would bet plenty of people have this issue as well. I wasn't checking for supported VM OS versions as I figured as in other VM host apps it would provide for any OS version, but then I noticed 2023.1 (from 2023.1 ISO was crashing my active session and returning to login. So I need Kali, I have Parallels M1 and I want to use it for Kali and keep it secure. Help is appreciated.

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