Kali Linux (Debian) GFX issues result in frequent crashes

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by WizzK, May 3, 2019.

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    Hello Parallels Community,
    I recently moved from Windows to Mac and I've been always using VMWare Workstation for virtualisation.
    Rather than just continuing with Fusion, I wanted to give Parallels a go.
    I installed Parallels 14 on my new MBP to try it and test it, as my job typically requires running multiple VMs, including different Linux distros.

    So far I've been experiencing random crashes of a Kali Linux VM caused by graphics errors (the guest tools are properly installed and the guest functionality is fine so far).
    The ID of the most recent crash report I submitted is: 309827171.

    I'm experiencing the following bugs:
    1) When I try to start the virtual machine directly before starting the Parallels app first, there is some error with the graphics which makes the Kali VM to crash.
    The partial workaround is to start parallels app first and then resume the Kali VM (although it does not always work).

    2) Also, when I run Kali and then start a Windows VM (while both in fullscreen mode), the graphics on the Kali changes from full screen to smaller size (horizontally skewed) with space on the sides which I guess is some other resolution than the fullscreen resolution. The workaround for this is to exit and re-enter fullscreen which gets annoying after doing it for several times, unless you disable auto-pause on the Windows machines which is battery inefficient option.

    3) The same behaviour as described in 2). Whenever I resume the Kali VM from pause using the Parallels application, the screen is messed up and the VM simply cannot start in fullscreen properly so I have to exit and re-enter fullscreen. Sometimes I need to pause, close and then resume the machine again.

    I partially solved the auto screen resizing while in fullscreen when a Windows is started/paused at the same time while Kali is running, by disabling Automatic Graphics Switching in Advanced settings of the Graphics Options of Kali VM.
    However, the Kali VM still crashes due to graphics error at start-up and it happens quite so often. I just can't get Kali VM to start/resume in FullScreen properly without the screen being messed up.

    My trial is expiring soon, and although I really like the smoothness of Parallels, I'm concerned with the instability of the Kali VM caused by graphics related issues.

    Any feedback is well appreciated,

    P.S. I used the latest Kali Linux 64bit ISO to setup the Kali VM. My MBP is the 2018 2.6 GHz/16GB RAM.
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    Did you try any other Linux distros as a guest? Did you have any similar problem there?
  3. d4Rk

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    Hey guys,

    I'm also trying to run Kali with Parallels (Trial) right now and ran into issue 3 as well.
    Pulling it out of full screen and then back in, works for me as a workaround as described above.
    Another workaround is to switch the machine to "Scaled" and back to "More Space" in the graphics settings (see attached screenshot).

    I also attached screenshots of the machine and how it looks "normal" and "messed up" (after resuming from suspended state). The screenshots had to be scaled down, as I could not upload them here otherwise, originally they were taken on a 4k display at 3840x2160.

    I really love the speed and smoothness compared to VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox (which is almost unusable^^), but the VM solution I'll decide to use in the end has also to provide enough stability and robustness as well.

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