Keep host awake while guest is awake

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by WilliamM22, Jul 24, 2023.

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    Question: is there a way for the guest OS to keep the host OS awake + displays on even when there is no mouse & keyboard input?

    My host (M1 Mac) will turn off its displays according to its normal sleep policy when I am watching a video or on a video call within my Windows guest because I have not moved the mouse/typed on the keyboard recently. By contrast, when I am watching a video or on a video call directly in macOS (the host), these applications can keep the OS awake even without mouse/keyboard input. And when I am using the same applications on a native Windows machine, they will also keep the computer awake (even without mouse/keyboard input). I would like to have this same native experience so that I can watch a video or take a video call in the host and not have to move the mouse every 5 min to keep the screens on. Essentially, I would like Parallels to proxy the behavior of the apps in the guest which tell the guest OS to not go to sleep/turn off the displays since a video is playing.

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