Kernel Panic - network related?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Tommo_UK, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. jmaynard


    I'll confirm that directing the VM to en1, and using the Airport, avoids the panic. I had to sit there and keep re-enabling the Airport from the OS X menu bar, but it did get all the way through loading the updates in XP.

    I can't wait for the fixed version that corrects the panic with the Ethernet connection; I might be able to actually use the package.
  2. Frank Roscher

    Frank Roscher

    crash on en0 / MTU

    I've download this fantastic beta yesterday and installed Debian Sarge (iMac 2Ghz/2GB 10.4.6). My iMac is normaly connected using Airport. Because Airport will not allow bridging in this beta I setup network using en0 (connect my Powerbook to en0 to enable the port) and enable IP forwarding in OS X and let the host route from en0 to en1.

    It works very nice for some hours but then crashing multiple times OS X. Sometimes with Kernel Panics (as far as I've seen in network io), sometimes machine does a automatic reboot.

    Another Problem is that I must set MTU in the guest-os very low - 150 looks like working. The standard (1500) doesn't work - network connection instable/hanging.

    Because of the crashes I've go back to en1 (AirPort) and now looks stable. I'm install now squid to get Web-Access from inside the guest ...

    I hope you fix this crashes or the AirPort bridge problem really soon - then I'll buy immediatly (and also a MB Pro - cannot longer resist ;-).

    I love your product - I need ORACLE and can run this now in VM under linux until ORACLE will come with a nativ OS X Intel release (or our port to Postgesql is complete ;-)). I also need W2K sometimes to compile our stuff and your product looks like a superb replacement for VPC on my old (6 months :-() PPC Powerbook.
  3. steve3


    OK, I'm not getting something here. I just enabled Aiport on my iMac, and logged into my wifi, and it works: I can surf if I pull the ethernet cable.

    Shut down the VM (Win 2K, SP4), set the networking to en1, start it up, and the virtual machine can't get a route to any host. DHCP never gets an address.

    Router is a Linksys WRT54G.

    Am I missing a step to get the en1 workaround functioning?

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