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    I have installed Windows 10 as Bootcamp and use this partition as VM with Parallels - This feature is literally the only, single, most important one to me, which made me choose Parallels.
    Recently, this odd behaviour started manifesting: After starting/using Windows as VM normally under macOS, the Keyboard and Trackpad weren't recognized anymore, when booting natively to Windows. I have the 2017 Touchbar model, the TB stayed black, external periphery (which I don't usually have!) works fine, Parallels v12.2.1.
    Then I manually reinstalled the newest Bootcamp drivers using (borrowed) external periphery. Tadaa, internals worked upon reboot. Today, I used it briefly as VM again, wanted to boot natively, tadaa, internals unresponsive.

    When I bought Parallels 12 after its release, this has never been an issue for many months. Also, I completely disabled any updates in Windows, there haven't been any changes to Windows, this is 100% Parallels-related. Or could this possibly be a High Sierra issue?
    Somehow this started a while after getting mails advertising the almighty Parallels 13... surely just a coincidence.

    Congrats Parallels, this takes away the only pro argument your software has to me. Now please help me fix this, dear community :)
    Hopefully without time-expensive reinstalls..
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