Keyboard character mapping to windows 11 issue...

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by TerryV7, Feb 6, 2022.

  1. TerryV7


    Hopefully this is the right spot to ask this. If not, let me know and I will repost. FYI, I have only been using MacOS for one week now, so I will apologize if I have missed something obvious.

    I have setup Windows 11 using Parallels on my MacBook Pro M1 16" and everything seems to be fine except for certain keys not mapping correctly. These are persistent between the laptops built in keyboard and my Logitech MX Keys with one difference. Typing ` or ~ on the built in keyboard will give me / and /, while doing the same on the MX Keys will give me / and \ respectively. Obviously, for me anyhow, I need [ to equal [, etc. See below for the list of affected keys.

    [ = ^
    { = ¨

    ] = ç
    } = Ç

    \ = à
    | = À

    ' = è
    " = È

    / = é
    ? = É

    ` = /
    ~ = \ (/ on built in keyboard)

    I have attempted:
    - setting up shortcuts in the VM's profile with no luck.
    - setting the keyboard and mouse to optimize for games
    - ensuring that the profile for the VM is set to Windows

    Parallels Desktop 17 Pro
    MacOS Monterey

    MacBookPro Max 16", 4TB, 64GB memory
    Logitehch MX Keys (regular version, not mac inspired)

    Any assistance you might be able to provide would be appreciated.
  2. TerryV7


    I solved this by setting the installed keyboard to US - QUERTY and removing the Canadian Multilingual from Windows 11

    Mac is set to English (U.S.)

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