Keyboard problems Beta 6

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by cajetanus, May 1, 2006.

  1. cajetanus


    Dear Sirs,

    Many many thanks for your fantastic product. I just bought a licence !

    However, I am having a few problems with the keyboard. I have a Polish version of Windows XP, as I often have to translate a lot of texts into Polish. However, on my MacBook pro I can't use the 'Alt Gr' key as on the windows machine - which is a big problem as all the Polish characters are typed using this key and the combination c, x, z, l, etc. When I type this with the apple key or option or ctrl, there is no way to get these characters....

    Is there some kind of preference that I have to set? Is there a way to map the right Apple Key to the alt-gr ?

    Otherwise I am very happy with your product. It is a real life-saver for us trying to escape Windows, but are still stuck with some software that doesn't yet have a free equivalent.

    I tried searching the forum, but no luck on this question. If anyone spots a thread that might help me, please give me the link!

    Many thanks +

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