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    Hi folks,
    that's maybe a bug and not a feature, but I'm not sure. I'm using Parallels for Mac with Windows 10 as guest os.
    I defined some custom keyboard shortcuts so Windows behaves like macOS in some situations. For example, I defined the macOS keyboard shortcut for marking the whole current line (cmd + shift + arrow left, in windows it is shift + home). If I'm using this keyboard shortcut, this works like a charm. But sometimes I want to continue marking characters (for example in previous line). Then I've to so something, in my opinion, very unhandy: I mark the whole line with my custom keyboard short (cmd + shift + arrow left), then releasing the cmd key to continue marking. Now I expect that marking will be continuing but in fact, it happens that the cursor will be set before the first character of the line and the marked words aren't marked anymore.
    I've to do a workaround: After marking the whole line, I've to release all keys (cmd, shift and arrow left key) and then push shift + arrow left keys again to continue marking characters. Then this works, but is very unhandy.
    So what I wish is that after using a custom keyboard shortcut, I want the "normal" keyboard behavior as it is in macOS and - as far as I know - in VMware Fusion.

    The screenshots are showing in picture what I wanted to have.
    1st: At start, cursor is right
    2nd: Using custom keyboard shortcut to mark whole line
    3rd: Releasing cmd key and continue pushing shift + left arrow keys => Cursor will set to the right, no mark anymore
    4th: My expectations, marking continue

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