Kinect v1.8 in Parallels Desktop 15

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by DanM5, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. DanM5

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    The Kinect sensor hasn't worked in Parallels VMs due to lack of DirectX11 support...
    One of the big features I just saw announced in Parallels 15 is DX11 was finally added :)

    Kinect Configuration for Kinect v2.0 no longer complains about lack of DX11, but I have the old skool Kinect v1.8 for Xbox 360. It still doesn't work, and unfortunately there isn't a lot of diagnostic information, the green light just blinks on & off.
  2. YSG

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    PD 15 supports DirectX11. My Mac is on Catalina now. So Kinect2 should now run on PD15. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Using the" Kinect v2 Configuration Verifier" application informs me that :
    "No depth frames received from Kinect".
    Could you explain to me why the Kinect with PD15 does not work while DirectX11 is now supported.
    Thank You
  3. YSG

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    For more precision, USB Controller gives as result:
    "Supported USB 3.0 port detected with unkonwn bandwidth. Kinect may or may not be compatible with your hardware."
    With Bootcamp I dont't have this message but : "Unknown USB 3.0 port detected. Your USB configuration may support Kinect for Windows". And then Kinect 2 work with Bootcamp but not with PD15.
    Any help... Thank you.

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