Latest Parallels client crashes on windows 10 with the latest MS UPdates

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by Michielv1, May 16, 2017.

  1. Eugene. K.

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    AND If you can't start Parallels Client at all then you might need to disable Print Cache. Set the following registry key value to "false" (0):
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Parallels\AppServerClient] "PrintUseCache"=dword:00000000
  2. DaisyB

    DaisyB Bit poster

    I've looked at connection properties and advanced properties. No printing option found.
    Is there an older version of the client we can download so I can get my people reconnected asap?
  3. DaisyB

    DaisyB Bit poster

    My preference is to avoid registry changes, removing WU or changing WU settings. It's simply not feasible to ask my users to do that to their personal devices.
    I'm working through this on two laptops a user brought me "to fix".
    Because that is my preference, I first tried rolling back the client but it crashed even with versions 16.5, 16, or 15.5.
    Since that didn't work I went ahead and uninstalled KB 4524147, rebooted, and then reinstalled v17.0. Before that reboot, I also disabled installation or reinstallation of WU for 30 days to give Parallels time to roll out a Client that works with that KB.
    Removing the KB wasn't enough. The Client still crashed.
    I could not locate printing in Connection Properties until I remove the connection that carried over and created a new one. On creating it I could get to Printing > Technology > User, and there change it from RAS University Printing to None.
    Making that change wasn't enough. On connecting the Client was stable or seemed stable, but the launched app crashed shortly after being opened.
    I then changed the registry setting and reboot. Now, finally, the Client and apps didn't crash.
    It is my hope Parallels comes up with a solution ASAP. It's only a matter of time before someone else calls me or I'm asked to make a house call "to fix" the problem.
  4. Pinoy Lambingan

    Pinoy Lambingan Bit poster

    We are also experiencing the parallels client crashing immediately upon launch of a published app on PCs running windows 10 w/ creator. Tech support said we were the only ones experiencing this issue, obviously this is not the case.
  5. Maria@Parallels

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    Hi, which version of Client are you using?
  6. BiggB

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    According to the error signature this behavior was caused by the UI automation technology. Can you please clarify if the client only drops when a published application launches, or it may be hanged in the background?
    In addition, I also want to ask if you have noticed that the client crashes while working in a particular app?
    Looking forward to your response!
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  7. zeeshanm1

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    From my googling, it would appear that I'm in a similar boat to a lot of people. I have two datacenters: Primary and DR. In 5.5 they were embedded SSO in linked mode. The linked mode is nice, because we do a lot of stage & dev work at the DR site, then migrate the machines to production.

    We upgraded both to 6 using vCenter with embedded PSC (the most similar topology to what we had before). Now I'm stuck. Do I just go ahead and link them like before? Do I not do that and instead work on backing out of the current configuration? If so, how?

    I stare at the following note on my desk pretty much every day:

    Set to linked? Convert to Appliance?

    Any advice would be fantastic.

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  8. APkr

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    Parallels knows about it and will fix this problem in the next update. For now you can work around it by disabling these updates in windows update. Unfortunately, Windows does not allow for an immediate reboot without a pachage content download, so after installing a relevant update it has to be installed at least once before a reboot will be possible... *sigh*... (I'm looking at you MS KB2552345)Standalone clients still seem

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