Launching Parallels Leads to over 1 minute wait before VMs load

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by bobbyt, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. bobbyt

    bobbyt Hunter

    It doesn't happen every time but around 30% of the time when I launch Parallels Desktop 10.0.2 under 10.10 I end up waiting for well over a minute before my VMs start loading.

    I see a spinning indicator that says "Parallels Desktop" next to it, and that indicator stays open for an extended period before the VM window opens & loads as normal (in fact, that indicator is spinning IN FRONT of the web browser window I'm typing this in).

    Eventually the indicator goes away and my Guest OS window opens and loads. It doesn't appear to be VM specific as I'm seeing the same pattern with an Ubuntu Guest OS in addition to a Windows 7 Guest OS...
  2. Dhruba@Parallels


    Hi Bobby,
    You can try (un)installing and (re)installing Parallels Desktop and check how it works. Also try running Repair Disk permission on the Mac Hard Drive.
  3. Specimen

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    Next time you launch Parallels open the Activity Monitor before and monitor the Memory Pressure.

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