Leaving Parallels for good!!!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Pmoscoso, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Pmoscoso

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    After spending many frustrating hours:confused: trying to get parallesl to work with my Garmin GPS 276C, I am giving up. An e-mail from customer support told me that Parallels does not work with many Garmin GPS and that they will not guarantee that future upgrades will. :eek:
    I am moving to VMware Fusion, a much more reliable VM software; It does not have issues with USB connection, it is as fast as my mac OS and does not have the tendency to crash. At this time it is in its Beta version but if this is any indication, it will become the standard VM. I am surprised that in this forum where there are so many people having issues with Paralles, I haven't come across many threads about this software. I own Parallels V3.0 and will sell it for half of the price to anyone who wishes to buy it.

  2. ajay

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    I don't believe the Garmin 276c works with VMware Fusion. I have enough trouble with it on a standard Windows pc.

    Goodbye and good luck.
  3. gegervision

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    Just use your Mac OS with the Garmin. It works perfectly. I have a NUVI 650. They provide the drivers for those online. You have to to make due and you have two operating system. If it doesn't work on the Guest then try the Host. Just a thought.
  4. Pmoscoso

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    It works for me at first try.

  5. Jack Dumphy

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    what I'll never get: why people want to run apps on Paralles, when they run native on OSX ?
    Ok, many switchers may have a bunch of software for Windows, but for me it wouldn't be a reason to switch and keeping the win-apps, just because I bought them somewhere along the way.
    So I would follow the suggestion above and use the OSX app.
    I am happy with Paralles and the few apps I realy need on XP
  6. AlanH

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    Sorry, wrong way round. If it doesn't work on the Host, try the Guest.

    You're running on OS X. Use it!!!! The Guest OS is just that - you've invited it over to help liven up the party, but you live with the Host every day.
  7. w7ox

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    It could be he wants to run Mapsource or some other Garmin software which has been promised, but not yet provided, for the OS X platform.

    That's why I use my Garmins on the MacBook with Parallels and WinXP.

    One key step is to install the Garmin usb drivers for WinXP, else no WinXP will recognize the GPSR; at least that's been my experience.

  8. L-Key

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    Let the door hit you in the...

    buh buh bye now.


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