Leopard - Parallels 3 - Drive C Won't Mount

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Warren Pollock, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. spectre

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    Good idea.
    Currently we are gathering reports on Leopard issues from forum users and support emails and are working on any possible workarounds for the discovered issues (and forum community helps a lot on providing some nice solutions :) ), so as soon as we get these reports sorted out and discussed with QA Team - we'll try to get some "tips and tricks" info posted in forums and KB.
  2. Marc Vos

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    Great, thanks!
  3. billw

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    Can't see Parallels drives from MacOS

    I just upgraded to Leopard and now I cannot see the Parallels drives mounted in MacOS. If I go to an application (such as PowerPoint), I can see the drives under the computer name (funny, that I cannot see them in Finder). When I try to save a document to one of the drives such as E: I get an error.

    "There was an error accessing the disk containing [E]...

    To fix this problem, use the Finder to see if you have access privileges for the file or folder."

    I installed the MacFUSE as mentioned earlier in this post, but no change. Also, I can not see any share drives within Parallels. They are all checked as available, but I do not see them mounted.

    I am using v3.0 build 5160.

    I am effectively stopped in using Parallels at this point, so any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. qwertme

    qwertme Bit poster

    Using Terminal.app, type: mount

    You will see something like: vfstool@fuse0 on /private/tmp/61201/C (fusefs, nodev, noexec, nosuid, synchronous, mounted by eric)

    copy the /private/tmp/61201/C bit and paste it into the Finder->Go->Go to Folder dialog


  5. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Hello billw,

    Please check in Finder Preferences if there is a tick at "Connected servers".

    Best regards,
  6. Roger M

    Roger M Junior Member

    Thank you for the fix, but this problem has existed in earlier (pre GM) builds like 9a559. Thank you for the fix though.
  7. averell00

    averell00 Bit poster

    Following advices on this forum, I tried to install MacFuse on my iMac... The installation was apparently sucessfull but it did not solve the problem.

    Actually, I don't even know what the installation did to my mac because i cannot find any traces of the MacFuse software on my hard drive.

    Does anyone know what I can do to mount the drive C in the finder ?

    Your help is obviously very much appreciated... I am running mac os 10.5 and the latest build of parallels desktop.
  8. qwertme

    qwertme Bit poster

    MacFuse just installs (or updates) the driver software to mount the Windows(NTFS) partition.

    For me it finally got fixed with the disks mounting (you have to check the tick box for "Connected Servers" in the Finder preferences) If that doesn't work, you can always open up the Terminal and type mount to see if the disks got mounted.

    I found another thread around here (sorry, don't have the link) that had me remove all the Parallels drivers and then re-install, after doing that my installation worked better, but I still can't use mac apps from Windows.
  9. Xenos

    Xenos Parallels Team

    Dear all,

    New Parallels Desktop 3.0 build is coming. Drive C mounting issue will be fixed there. You can try the Beta version now. We'd appreciate if you give us the feedback after the trial.
    However testing Beta can be risky. You shouldn't use it for any mission critical tasks or production purposes. You shouldn't install it if some important data is stored or being processed on your VM.

    Best regared,
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  10. billw

    billw Junior Member


    I set "Connected Servers" in Finder>Preferences. No additional items show in the finder. I also tried "mount" in the terminal. I don't see any mount points for /private...

    Here's to hoping for a quick 3.0 Leopard patch!

    Anyone have ideas for drives mounted from within the Parallels VM? I have folders identified and selected, but get errors when I try to mount them:

    An error occurred while reconnecting X: \\.PSF\moot

    I saw this error prior to the Leopard upgrade, but now since I cannot mount the Parallels drives, this is a viable alternative.


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