Let users on legacy macOS download PD that works for them

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by dowlassm, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. dowlassm

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    Here's a useful feature to consider...(something many other software companies could benefit from, too)

    On your home page or download page, CLEARLY STATE THE OSX REQUIREMENTS....

    so people don't waste their time downloading 250mb of software that won't run on their OSX.

  2. Macintosh Rescue

    Macintosh Rescue Bit Poster

    Agree, but also importantly the legacy software needs to have the activation system removed; if you are using a legacy OS which in my case is macOS Catalina, then at some point its root certificates will go out of date preventing server communication, and it's not a good idea to have an old non supported operating system connecting to the internet due to the unavailability of security patches (although in my case Catalina is still supported but won't be forever!).

    For my legacy virtualisation needs I had to migrate away from Parallels to VirtualBox, and that way I can keep my legacy appliances running for as long as I can keep the old hardware working. I would have preferred to be able to stay on an older version of Parallels indefinitely so this gets my vote.
  3. ClemH

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    After having installed macOS Catalina on my legacy Macbook, I cannot launch Parallels Desktop anymore.
    Launching Parallels Desktop from the dock results in the message in the image below. It says that I should "Allow" Parallels Desktop in "Security and Privacy" settings, but it's not showing up there. Tried to uninstall the app (mentioned in this post) but to no avail. Guess an official statement is needed.

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