License handling when restoring Time Machine backup

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MatthewW15, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. MatthewW15

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    My iMac died today so I have no way to access it. I have a current Time Machine backup on my Synology NAS, well, at least the latest time stamp is from today so I hope the backup completed before the machine died.

    I have ordered a new iMac and it appears that restoring from the Time Machine backup should be fairly straightforward, however, I have not found and information as to how the licenses are handled. I am running Windows 10 with software such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint, all 2019 editions. I assume that since the licenses are typically tied to a machine ID somewhere, that these programs will not run after being restored. Has anyone been through this? I think many of my license keys were stored in emails on the Mac that I can no longer access so I am not sure I can find them all.
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    Hi, once you restore your virtual machine from the back up it should work as usual without any reactivation.
    But you will nee to reactivate your Parallels Desktop version. If you get any error message during the reactivation please let us know.

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