Licensing options when one user is switching between computers

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    I currently have two Mac computers, and I would like to migrate to the new one, but it will take a few months before I can completely reinstall legacy software development tools into Windows 11. Meanwhile, I would like to reinstall software tools from Windows 10 into Windows 11, so I can use the new computer, but that might require some changes to the licensing since I have understood that there is some limit on how many times I can activate my license.

    I would use two computers, but only one computer at the time. Is there a licensing solution for this without buying two licenses? Based on forum comments, maybe the business edition enables this? I tried to find more details about this, but nothing so far.

    Parallels Desktop for Mac
    • MacBook Pro 2016 intel
      • Windows XP legacy system one
      • Windows 10 legacy system two
    • MacBook Pro 2023 M2
      • Windows 11
        • first, migrate legacy system two here
        • eventually, migrate legacy system one here

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