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    Had a weird case where my 2X server kind of went down, had issues with 3389 port but that was resolved with a restore and some troubleshooting.
    2X was still down so i reinstalled RAS15.5 and checked the configuration. I had high hopes till i saw the log monitor:

    [E 06/0000006F/T00000DD4] Fri May 3 09:07:48 2019 - Failed to add new Device Settings for dev B8-CA-3A-A6-7F-2C in licensing server database.

    I assumed with this error my 2X server was still down. Saw a help topic that suggested trying direct mode. Sure why not? with direct mode, didn't work, it couldn't find the application. Switched back to gateway mode, it suddenly worked. The error no longer pops up, and people are connecting.

    My question is: What happened with my server? and what is this 'failed to add new device' error? Should i be concerned about it still for a future 2X failure?
    Server 2008 R2 SP1

    Thanks in advance!

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