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Easy to use facility to switch license between computer systems

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  1. VirgileB

    VirgileB Bit poster

    I have been working from home. I find myself struggling to complete my work working on Macs. Now more than ever, it is important for users to be enabled to either pay fraction of the cost of an original or just enable them to access multiple computers. I understand the financial issues with granting users such an opportunity but at the same time, it is important for any company to listen to its users.
  2. MrR4

    MrR4 Bit poster

    definitely agree with everyone supporting license switching here. It is a major problem that prevents me from renewing Parallels. Licenses should be per-person, not per-device. Many colleagues feel the same, you've just lost 4 renewals - VM may not be perfect but neither is your business model which is damaging sales!
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  3. MrR4

    MrR4 Bit poster

    Definitely agree with everyone supporting license switching here. It is a major problem that prevents me from renewing Parallels. Licenses should be per-person, not per-device. Many colleagues feel the same, you've just lost 4 renewals & 3 first time installs- VM Fusion may not be perfect but neither is your business model which is damaging sales! Adobe learned the hard way....
  4. Fedortechu

    Fedortechu Bit poster

    Is it possible to use a single license for two computers? Then its a good idea. Many of them facing this issue and can solved with this method.
  5. DebasmitaM

    DebasmitaM Forum Maven

    Hello, as per the End User License Agreement terms and conditions, one Parallels Desktop for Mac license can only be used for a single Mac, please refer to https://kb.parallels.com/112971 to know about Parallels Desktop for Mac licensing policy. Thanks, Parallels Team.
  6. Hello, I'm not sure my post is in the right place but my English level explains this. I have been looking for more than a week to obtain a refund of a subscription for which I have not received an invoice and for which I do not need, but after numerous reminders via the procedure with ticket, I have no return. it is clearly mentioned next to the "current" ticket, but day by day nothing changes. Can you tell me if there is an email address to contact the after-sales service? Thanks in advance.
  7. can a modulator delete my post which is no longer relevant. I also want to unsubscribe from your forum. cordially.
  8. Nibancho

    Nibancho Bit poster

    Bind the license to the user, not the computer. For Mac users, it should be easy to bind to the main Apple ID. With the type of users needing a tool like Parallels, I imagine multiple computer use is the norm. I personally use two Macs, two iPads and an iPhone regularly. They are all under the same Apple ID. Even Microsoft allows concurrent installation of their Office Suite on all of these devices...
  9. JohnM125

    JohnM125 Bit poster

    I have about 10 Macs which need Parallels - I have to say that over the 15 years that I have been using Parallels I have not seen a single benefit in the last 5 years. Of course much of the blame lies in the fact that Windows has become slower but I think I would happily be able to use older versions of Parallels.

    I remember using version 11 for many years without any problems until I think it had to be upgraded for one of the latest versions of macOS - with that in mind and seeing that there are no great improvements in Parallels - I think the high fee of AUD$109 for a licence for 1 Mac is unfair.
    Does anyone else agree especially when one has multiple Macs and windows is only used for just 1 app.
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  10. sebastiano

    sebastiano Bit poster

    frankly i think the only way they will implement this feature is if it costs them the business. To that end, i will be moving off Parallels at renewal time.
  11. PrashantC

    PrashantC Junior Member

    Yes, a single licence is valid for up to two machines. I discovered that I could purchase an additional licence, but doing so would almost quadruple the yearly cost. Even though I don't use this programme for anything other than cross-browser testing, it would be a nice tool to have for those of us who aren't "power users," but who do use two computers.
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  12. PrashantC

    PrashantC Junior Member

    Nice one.
  13. daminic

    daminic Bit poster

    Feature requests will be implemented depending on several factors including business feasibility.
  14. DanielR32

    DanielR32 Bit poster

    It's clear that Parallels is not interested in listening to their customers. I have been a VMWare Fusion customer for many years but thought I would give parallels a try. I purchased a license thinking I could use this on my personal and work computers only to discover its not possible. I will not be renewing my subscription and will instead use that money to renew my Fusion Pro subscription that I can use on both my work and personal laptops.

    Not reading the fine print is on me. Not listening to your customers is on you!
  15. McallenT@P

    McallenT@P Parallels Team

    Hello @DanielR32, You can use Parallels Desktop for Mac in both your personal and office Mac. Please refer to this KB article: https://kb.parallels.com/123461 for move information. If you are trying to use 1 license on both Macs after 5 times switching licenses, it will reach its maximum activation limit and once you contact us we can reset it. It would be best to use 2 licenses on 2 Macs. Thanks, Parallels Team.
  16. MikeG11

    MikeG11 Member

  17. >>> Message has been deleted by the user <<<
  18. JonathanA9

    JonathanA9 Junior Member

    Can parallels please post an update on this feature addition?
  19. brad-x

    brad-x Junior Member

    I'd like to add my voice to this for what it's worth:
    I recognize there is high value in Parallels as a product and it possesses a great many strengths
    • a mature graphics implementation for both Linux and macOS by making use of VirtIO
    • TRIM support for virtual disks (that's a big deal, VMware doesn't do that. Parallels marketing take note)
    • Unnaturally good graphics rendering in Windows
    I'd go as far as to say I'd pay 50% to 100% more than the current Pro subscription price for a license that would activate any of the Macs in my family sharing setup (for example - don't know how you'd detect that outside the app store).

    Just a thought. Many compliments on the excellent product. I struggle to justify the price as a power user with a need to run simultaneously on more than a single machine though.

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