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Easy to use facility to switch license between computer systems

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  1. GarthS

    GarthS Bit Poster

    The current licensing policy has become problematic for me, as I now have an M1 Mac. I still need to run Windows apps without emulation and macOS guests with full Parallels support, so I'm keeping my Intel Mac as well and double-boxing them through Apple's Universal Control system. I was hoping to run an ARM version of Windows on the M1 (under Parallels) and keep the older system going on my Intel Mac, but of course that's not possible.

    I'm still a single-seat user running exactly the same complement of VMs. They just happen to be split across two computers, both of which are within arm's reach. I don't think it's reasonable for the cost of Parallels to double because of this.
  2. AHunter3

    AHunter3 Bit Poster

    Some software products will let you install and use applications on more than one workstation -- just not at the same time. Why not implement that?
  3. brad-x

    brad-x Bit Poster

    That actually is implemented with Pro, you can transfer the license from machine to machine. So that's great - worth the bump in price IMO - I'd take another pricing tier for a "3 Macs at a time" license tho
  4. DebasmitaM@Parallels

    DebasmitaM@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, as per the End User License Agreement terms and conditions, one Parallels Desktop for Mac license can only be used for a single Mac, please refer to this KB article to know about Parallels Desktop for Mac licensing policy.
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  5. brad-x

    brad-x Bit Poster

    Thanks for the link! I should have added - only one instance can be activated at a time
  6. DebasmitaM@Parallels

    DebasmitaM@Parallels Staff Member

    Hello, your most welcome.
  7. Forge

    Forge Bit Poster

    Just adding my voice to the chorus; I've been a happy VMware user for many years, at home and at work, and I'm currently a Parallels subscriber because and only because VMware keeps failing to deliver a usable product on M1. I do a lot of work in VMware, some in Fusion, and the lack of a working M1 Fusion has led me here. While having Parallels makes my M1 Mac minimally usable, the rest of my computers and environments mean I'm native on VMware's stack, not yours, and if they deliver a working M1 Fusion in the next year (which is very likely), my subscription will not get renewed.

    It's not a threat (what do you care about one license more or less?), but instead an opportunity to win mindshare. There is an awful lot VMware delivers that you don't, and I doubt you want to, like ESX, but having a working M1 product is a major opportunity.

    Making the license many computers-one user would make me much more likely to flip all of my Macs to Parallels than Fusion, just to make import/export faster and easier. I'd still have to work around ESX being the heavy lifter around here, but you'd at least have an opportunity. With one-license-equals-one-computer, you're just an outlier, waiting to be enough of a difficulty to merit homologization of my workflows.

    While a standard issue mass-minted MBA will only see "We would reduce the total number of licenses sold if we allowed multiple machines", someone with more vision will see that you're also taking up more workloads and getting more face time.

    Maybe you want to stay the second fiddle to VMware. That's cool. I expect VMware to ship a working M1 client in the next six months, so I'll have lots of easy overlap time before my license runs out. If your licensing was just a little easier for power users to leverage, though, you could possibly take a chunk of VMware's Mac business away from them. Your call.

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